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This Mom’s Adorable 19-Month-Old Son Was Murdered By Her Married Boyfriend, While He Was Supposed To Be Watching Him

She heard what she described as a “loud thud” against the wall, but Bert assured her that it was the dog playing with a ball that he was throwing and Lincoln was asleep.

When Roxanne got downstairs she realized that the thud she heard was not a ball at all, and her home security footage later revealed Burt was to blame.


Instead, that thud was Lincoln being thrown against the wall. She got downstairs only to see Lincoln unconscious and limp in the arms of Bert. Meanwhile, Bert was walking around with Lincoln, eating a pizza and acting like nothing was wrong.

Roxanne immediately called 911, and Lincoln was transported to the hospital. It was determined that Lincoln was suffering from severe head trauma.

She asked Bert “are you sure Lincoln didn’t fall or something whenever you guys were outside or whenever you guys were downstairs?”

Tulsa County Jail

His answer? “No, and I told you that noise was me throwing the ball at the wall.”  Lincoln later died from his injuries. After a 2 week long trial, a jury ultimately found Bert guilty of first-degree murder. Bert is now serving life in prison.

“I know beyond a shadow of a doubt Bert didn’t do that,” Shavonne Franklin, Bert’s wife, said to News4. “Bert didn’t hurt him. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“I would fall in love with him all over again each time we would have a baby,” Shavonne went on to say. “He was almost more excited than I was. Every time I found out I was pregnant he was just ecstatic.”


We write these stories because it’s important to bring awareness to situations like these and it’s important for the voices of the victims to be heard. If you want to keep reading additional stories like this, please see the other stories from Disclosure Daily below.

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