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This Colorado Mom Was Murdered By Her Own Fiancé, Who Planned Her Death For 3 Months Before He Got His Mistress To Help Him Go Through With It

Kelsey Berreth and Patrick Frazee were a couple from Colorado that were engaged to be married. The couple met online many years ago. They currently share a 1-year-old daughter Kaylee together.

Patrick has always lived in Colorado, so when things got serious between him and Kelsey, Kelsey decided to move out there. The couple was well liked in the community.

Patrick ran his own cattle ranch and also bred dogs. In addition to this he ran his own business as a farrier, trimming the hooves of horses and giving them new shoes should they need it. Kelsey worked as a flight instructor and was a pilot herself.

Facebook; pictured above is Kelsey, Patrick, and Kaylee

While things seemed to have been working out well for the couple, they ultimately decided not to marry one another. Kelsey broke up with Patrick.

However, the timeline of the break up is not the only mystery regarding these two.

Pictured above are cattle like the ones Patrick had on his Colorado ranch

Some people speculate that Kelsey and Patrick broke up months ago, while others believe they broke up on Thanksgiving Day of 2018. Interestingly enough, this day also happens to be the last time that anyone saw Kelsey alive…

The couple had not been living together at the time Kelsey went missing. Although, the last contact they had with one another was the day that Kelsey completely disappeared into thin air.

Kelsey had been shopping with her daughter at a local Safeway supermarket.

She then was headed off to exchange Kaylee with Patrick, since they shared custody of their daughter despite their engagement being broken off.

Woodlawn Police Department; pictured above is Kelsey the last time anyone saw her via security footage from the grocery store

The last trace anyone saw of Kelsey in public was inside of that Safeway supermarket on a video surveillance camera. You can see Kelsey pictured there in the photo above provided by police.

However, a neighbor told authorities that she had seen Kelsey later that day after she left the supermarket.

The neighbor saw Kelsey as she and Patrick were exchanging their child.

Daily Mail; pictured above is the driveway of Kelsey’s home

The neighbor described to KOAA-TV that she saw “two red pickup trucks at Berreth’s home on Thanksgiving Day when Frazee said he picked up the couple’s daughter.”

That same neighbor goes on to explain that both Kelsey and Patrick drive red pickups.

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