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This Mom’s Adorable 19-Month-Old Son Was Murdered By Her Married Boyfriend, While He Was Supposed To Be Watching Him


Roxanne Randall was a single Mom living in Oklahoma with her 19-month-old son, Lincoln Von Henry Lewis, and her boyfriend Bert Franklin. Lincoln had been born prematurely by three months, and Roxanne had other children as well. Lincoln’s father was not in the picture.

Bert was a wealthy and successful Tulsa dentist in his 30s, who happened to be living quite a double life. Roxanne started out as one of his patients actually, and their romance blossomed from there. Roxanne was madly in love with Bert and really wanted to get married to him.

Yet, Roxanne and Bert’s relationship was far from normal. Bert was a married man and father of four. Roxanne though, had no idea Bert was married. He had told her that he and his wife were legally separated.

That’s hardly the only shocking part of this story

The two had been together for a year, and Bert spent the majority of his time with Roxanne and Lincoln. All seemed to be going well. Bert and Lincoln got along great, and Roxanne was able to leave the two together alone for periods of time.


One day though…everything changed. In a video, through a home surveillance camera, a shocking discovery was made. It would forever change the lives of Bert, Roxanne, and 19-month-old Lincoln.

“I think it was planned,” Roxanne told Dr. Phil in an interview about what Bert did.

“He wanted to have a baby. A month before, he had asked. I told him maybe years down the road when we’re married. He wasn’t super pleased with that answer, and he never brought it up again.”


There is one person who maybe could have suspected Bert to act violently. That person was Lincoln’s biological father. He apparently had been trying to see Lincoln for a few months.

Bert caught wind of this and sent a text to Lincoln’s father threatening him. While Lincoln’s father escaped with just a threat, Lincoln himself was not so lucky.


Roxanne was upstairs in her home, while Lincoln and Bert were downstairs.

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