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This Beautiful Stay At Home Mom Of 6 Was Murdered By Her Abusive Ex, Shortly After Leaving Him

Facebook; Kristin is pictured above smiling with all of her children

The Gile’s marriage started out as any healthy one would, with love and respect for one another. Yet, two years ago everything changed. Kristin took the steps to divorce her husband Randy.

The once healthy and loving relationship had taken a turn for the worse. There were no signs that this would happen. Randy was described as caring and loving. The two had six kids together.

Even though the marriage was on the rocks, Kristin had tried to remain in the marriage for the benefit of their children. However, it started to become unsafe for Kristin to be around Randy.

Facebook; Kristin smiles in the above photo while at school with one of her children

Neighbors described Randy as a “very nice dude.” One even said, that whenever she had car trouble Randy would come to the rescue. Yet, this was not the real Randy. For a while, only Kristin knew who he was behind closed doors.

She had been desperately been trying to escape the abusive marriage. Kristin knew that she could no longer stay with Randy, and neither could her children. She was a stay-at-home so her funds were limited. Making it difficult for Kristin to escape.

Facebook; Kristin snaps a selfie in the photo above while wearing a bright pink top

Back in July of 2016, Kristin filed for a Protection From Abuse order against Randy. In a court document, she explained the reasoning for the protection.

She told authorities that Randy “threatens [her] life, pulled a gun on [her]…threatens to hurt me.” These Protection From Abuse orders typically last for a year.

She had filed another one recently in order to keep herself, and her six children who ranged in ages 3 to 12 safe.

Facebook; Kristin smiles in the above photo along with one of her young sons

Despite these orders, Kristin still was not safe. She decided it was time to take action. She moved out of their family home and into a women’s shelter.

Kristin remained at the women’s shelter for a few months. Eventually, Kristin left the shelter and moved in with her parents.

Kristin was undergoing what is referred to as an emergency divorce. During this time, things with Randy were only getting worse.

Facebook; Kristin snaps a photo of herself in her car, above

On September 15, Randy had been arrested and put in jail for aggravated assault. He had threatened Kristin and pointed a gun at her.

However, he was released from jail on a bond. This was news to Kristin though. It was her belief that Randy was still in prison.

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