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This Beautiful Stay At Home Mom Of 6 Was Murdered By Her Abusive Ex, Shortly After Leaving Him

Due to her being under this impression, Kristin and her father arrived at her and Randy’s home – in order to pick up some of the kid’s furniture. That is when things went from bad, to worse.

After being released from jail, Randy violated the Protection from Abuse yet again. This one, Kristin had just filed after he chased her, and their children down, with a gun.

On October 6, Kristin and her father arrived at the home to pick up furniture. Randy had tracked Kristin down.

He went as far as to get a rental car so that Kristin would not be able to recognize him.

Facebook; Kristin, her ex, and her children are pictured above

Later that evening, Randy used his rental car to force Kristin and her father off the road. He had chased the two for a few miles before, forcing her SUV to spin into a barbed wire fence.

Despite his best efforts Kristin’s father, who was in the car with her, was unable to protect his daughter. Instead, Randy shot his father in law – causing minor injuries.

He then shot Kristin, killing her instantly. Randy then proceeded to turn the gun on himself.

Facebook; Kristin’s children pose together in the above photo with Santa Claus

Randy’s sister made a statement to the press claiming that Randy “was a good man and a good father before getting hooked on alcohol.” However, neighbors say differently.

Jean, a neighbor of Kristin’s told media outlets that Kristin would confine in her. She recently told Jean “you know he’s going to kill me right?”¬†Kristin continued with “I just know he’s coming.” The dedicated mother of six made this statement just a week before her death.

Now friends and family members are trying to pick up the pieces after Kristin’s death. A GoFundMe has been set up in order to help the children. In addition, donations for Kristin’s funeral can be made there also. Randy’s sister stated she is just “praying for healing for both families.”

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