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Exactly How Much Are Your Favorite Vanderpump Rules Stars Worth? Let’s Take A Look At Their Net Worths

Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules kicked off last night, and from the previews, all we can say is – HOLY DRAMA. This season definitely will not disappoint in any way, shape, or form. I mean, the first episode is Jax proposing to Brittany at some seafood restaurant in Malibu.

Even more highlights for this season were revealed to us and they include the following: tons of Lala tears, enough James Kennedy alcohol-induced fights to last a lifetime, and of course the fact that Tom Tom remains to be without any electricity, gas, or water.

Of course, the season is also filled with the petty drama that we all love so much also.

Facebook; pictured above is the Vanderpump Rules show logo

One thing we do know about the Vanderpump Rules cast is they’re always looking for ways to make more money. So, that leaves us wondering since the show’s start how much has their bank accounts grown?

We’re here to reveal just how much each star is worth.

Facebook; pictured above is the Vanderpump Rules show cast together

It’s not a huge shock to find out that Tom Schwartz is worth the least out of the Vanderpump Rules crew.

He’s a super lovable guy. Lovable doesn’t make you money or help you hold down a steady job.

Instagram; pictured above is Tom Schwartz in a pair of shades

Tom wasn’t an original cast member of the show so that definitely hurts his net worth some. He also has never actually had a steady job throughout his entire existence on the show.

Well, he did work one shift at SUR before losing his mind and running out. We saw him work a few modeling gigs but that’s about it. His modeling career never took off.

Instagram; pictured above is Tom Schwartz with his wife Katie

Reportedly, he had gone to college with the hopes of becoming a doctor. Obviously, he had a change of heart. Tom is worth $25,000.

However, he is the other half of Tom Tom so we’re thinking this number will go up. Here’s hoping!

Instagram; pictured above is Katie, with her husband Tom Schwartz

Like her husband Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney-Schwartz isn’t exactly swimming in cash either.

She’s created her fair share of drama on the show. Surely that isn’t helping her rake in as much cash as her co-stars.

Instagram; pictured above are Katie and Tom at a wedding together

Katie is always seen working hard though, whether she is at SUR or working on her own personal beauty brand. Katie hustles. Earlier this year she launched her lipstick line Pucker & Pout.

Her hope is that the brand continues to grow and she can add even more to the collection.

At this point, Katie is worth $30,000. Just a little bit more than her husband. However, we’re sure that with the success of her beauty line this number will go up!

Instagram; pictured above are Jax and Brittany after getting engaged. That’s some rock!

Back in 2015, Brittany Cartwright met Jax Taylor at a Vegas nightclub. Somehow he was able to convince this beauty to leave her Kentucky home, and move out to LA with him. We’re still trying to figure out how and why this even happened. It wasn’t soon after that this farm girl turned in to a reality TV star.

After moving to LA, Brittany started working as a server at SUR. Shortly after that, she became a crucial member of the Vanderpump Rules crew. Together with Jax, she has generated enough drama in their relationship to probably have their own series.

Instagram; pictured above is Brittany cuddling up with one of her adorable dogs

The two actually did have a spin-off last year when they went to visit Brittany’s hometown – Vanderpump Rules: Jax And Brittany Take Kentucky. We’re pretty sure the show got canceled. It wasn’t as exciting or fabulous as Vanderpump Rules, so we can’t say we’re surprised.

After getting engaged, there has been talk about them getting a wedding spin-off also! If that happens, we can only assume that Brittany’s $50,000 net worth will go up. At least she will be getting something positive out of her relationship!

Instagram; pictured above is Scheana in one eye-catching outfit

Oh, Scheana Marie. We’re not really sure where to start with her, but we’ll give it our best shot. We first met Scheana on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. On that show, we found out that she was having an affair with former housewife Brandi Glanville’s then-husband (now, ex-husband) Eddie Cibrian.

Ouch. What an entry into the world of reality shows. It was all uphill from there though because then she landed on Vanderpump Rules.

Now though, Scheana is a Bravo star in her own right. She’s been a main cast member of Vanderpump Rules for a while now. Apparently, she made $63,000 during season 3 of the show. Not bad at all! Especially considering she has a day job.

Instagram; pictured above is Scheana relaxing on vacation with a glass of champagne

In addition, she’s been keeping herself busy with a few acting gigs, “a Vegas show called ‘Sex Tips’, and a pop single called ‘What I Like’. She also made headlines when she divorced her husband Mike Shay. That was pretty messy.

From her divorce, she got $50,000 from Mike. Her net worth is reportedly $150,000 in total. It is only expected to grow from there!

Since starting on Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder has been working to grow her career ever since. She took a brief hiatus from the show but with Stassi, we’ve certainly seen it all, even though she wasn’t totally in the spotlight the whole time. We’ve especially seen at all in her romance department.

Once linked to Jax, that romance unraveled early on in the show. Jax cheated on Stassi with her longtime friend, for those of you that don’t remember. We know it’s tough to follow his hookups. Now though, Stassi has found a nice, very sweet guy named Beau!

Instagram; pictured above is Stassi with her new man, Beau

Aside from working in the romance department – Stassi has also been creating to evolve her career. Stassi now hosts the podcast Straight Up With Stassi. She has even made appearances on other reality TV shows.

Some of the other Bravo shows she has been on include Summer House and The Real  Housewives of Beverley Hills. She also appeared on two that were not Bravo related – The Amazing Race and Hollywood Medium. We like her no matter what show she goes on.

Instagram; pictured above is Stassi posing alongside her new love interest, Beau

Stassi has even written a book! It is expected to hit shelves in April 2019. The title is Next Level Basic. 

Aside from making $15,000 an episode on Vanderpump Rules, Stassi also has other sources of income like sponsored social media posts. She is worth $300,000. You go, Stassi! Make that money!

Instagram; pictured above is Tom Sandoval cuddling up to his girlfriend, Ariana

Tom Sandoval is another one of the original cast members on Vanderpump Rules. We’ve seen him go through lots of different career phases during his time on the show. These career changes include some that were honestly a little cringe-worthy!

For a while, Tom did some modeling. We can only imagine this helped add to his total net worth. It seemed like he booked quite a few gigs on the show. He didn’t find much success in the modeling world though in the end.

At one point, Tom had tried his hand at a singing career. Honestly, this was very cringe-worthy. We’re almost glad for his sake it didn’t work out. Sorry Tom, they just couldn’t autotune you into a star.

Instagram; pictured above is Tom Sandoval and Ariana in their sunglasses

Tom also has been through a few romances on the show, and I’m sure you have been around for them. He ultimately had ended up with Ariana. The two have been having their own share of challenges though.

After all of that, Tom is estimated to be worth $400,000. He makes $15,000 an episode. He’s also a part owner in the new restaurant Tom Tom with Lisa Vanderpump, so hopefully, that helps his net worth. Not bad, Tom!

Instagram; pictured above is playboy Jax planting a kiss on Brittany

Jax Taylor. Jax has been the center of so much drama on Vanderpump Rules, it’s almost hard to keep up with him. He is known for being the “bad boy” of the crew. You know well this couldn’t be a more fitting title for him.

Some may argue that Jax has helped make Vanderpump Rules what is it today. In the early seasons, Jax was a total disaster. It seems like now though he is trying to fix up his act…..or so we hope.

Instagram; pictured above Jax snaps a selfie in his glasses

He’s currently in the middle of making a premade drink mix called “Just Add X”. It’s expected to be released in 2019. Jax has also found some other ways to help boost his own bank account. I mean, he’s going to need help after getting fired by Lisa.

He actually does countless paid appearances to help his net worth. If you ever check out his social media, you’ll see lots of sponsored posts. In addition, Jax apparently makes $25,000 per episode of Vanderpump Rules. All in all, Jax is estimated to be worth $400,000.

Instagram; pictured above is Lala with her older man

Although she only recently joins the show, Lala Kent has made herself known quickly. She first started as being BFF’s with James Kennedy and working as a hostess at SUR. She’s definitely the girl we all love to hate in this cast.

Lala is still a hostess at SUR, but she’s no longer friends with James Kennedy. That drama and the decline of their friendship will be revealed later in season 7. We’re all just going to have to tune in to find out how that went south.

Instagram; pictured above Lala makes one interesting face. Is she angry? We’re not sure!

Since we’re all invested in her love life, we’re going to point out that Lala has also found a new “man” (as she calls him). The two have even moved in together! What’s more? They are getting their house designed by a fellow Bravo star – Jeff Lewis.

While we’re not really sure how Lala’s net worth is this high all we can say is – you go, girl! Lala is estimated to be worth close to $2 million. Wow!

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