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After Bringing Her ‘Obviously Deceased’ Toddler To A Hospital, This Mom Was Charged Plus A Mom Who Just Watched As Her Toddler Was Beaten To Death In Front Of Her

Some people just should not be allowed to be Moms. I hate to even say it, but it’s true. It’s never truer when you start reading some of the news out there surrounding terrible things done to children.

Sierra Johnson and Rebecca Ashton Kinner are some of those people that should not be Moms. Yet, these two young Moms had children of their own. Sierra was charged after bringing her dead toddler to a hospital and you won’t believe the horrific details surrounding this poor little girl’s death.

Rebecca allowed her toddler daughter to be beaten to death in front of her while she watched and didn’t do a thing to stop it. Yes, you read that right. This Mom just let something unspeakable happen to her child and didn’t even care.

People who abuse their children are absolutely infuriating and once you read about what happened to these poor baby girls, you’re going to lose it.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, because the details of these stories are absolutely tragic

Fort Smith Police Department; pictured above is Sierra’s mugshot and she doesn’t look remorseful at all for what she did to her poor daughter

This is Sierra Johnson. She is the 20-year-old Mom of 18-month-old daughter Kylah Woodard.

This young Mom and her toddler daughter lived together in Arkansas together in an apartment with Sierra’s 25-year-old live in boyfriend Tyree La’Mont Williams.

She is now serving a prison sentence for what she did to poor little Kylah

GoFundMe; pictured above, beautiful little Kylah smiles big for the camera

One day, Sierra brought Kylah to an emergency room at a local Arkansas hospital. Kylah was not ok though. She wasn’t even alive when her Mom brought her in.

This poor little girl was “obviously deceased” when Sierra brought her in according to news station KHBS. What the heck happened to this beautiful little girl?

Why did her Mom clearly wait awhile to get her the medical attention she probably needed? If she had been brought in earlier, could Kylah have been saved by the doctors?

“The medical staff there worked on the child there for quite a while. They tried to revive this child and unfortunately, they were unsuccessful,” Cpl. Anthony Rice of the Fort Smith Police Department said in a statement.

Why would this Mom wait so long to bring her daughter to a hospital?

Facebook; pictured above, Kylah smiles while wearing a matching purple jacket and hat

The doctors at the emergency room called the police when they noticed the severe bruising on Kylah’s little body, and even on her head. That was not normal.

That was not something that could have accidentally happened to this poor little girl. The doctors feared that something bad had been done to her.

Boy were the doctors right. It turns out that Sierra’s boyfriend, Tyree, punched Kylah in her stomach multiple times. That’s right, this man didn’t punch this little girl once, he did it several times.

Sierra did nothing to stop this or any of the other abuse this poor girl endured. She just watched.

She knew it was happening. This Mom did nothing to defend her daughter or protect her daughter. Kylah was just a child. How could she stand up for herself to a man so much larger than her?

The cause of her death was “blunt force abdominal trauma,” according to court documents and the medical examiner. This was all because Sierra’s boyfriend punched this poor little girl in the stomach.

Her death could have been prevented if Sierra cared about her in the first place. That’s the most infuriating thing about this story.

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