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This Colorado Mom Was Murdered By Her Own Fiancé, Who Planned Her Death For 3 Months Before He Got His Mistress To Help Him Go Through With It

Since Kelsey and Patrick have red trucks, the neighbor did not suspect that anything strange could be happening that day. The neighbor was used to seeing both their trucks in the driveway of Kelsey’s home since they had to pick up and drop their daughter off with one another due to shared custody.

Pinterest; pictured above is a red truck, much like the ones that both Kelsey and Patrick drive

Soon, Kelsey’s neighbor would learn that something horrible had happened to this mom that Thanksgiving Day.

Facebook; pictured above is Kelsey’s mom Cheryl-Lee

Kelsey’s family lived out of state, so they grew accustomed to hearing from her once a day or once every few days. They were all quite close despite the physical distance between them all.

When December 2nd came around and Kelsey’s family still hadn’t heard from her, they began to worry.

Kelsey’s mother, Cheryl-Lee, asked Woodland Park authorities to do a wellness check on Kelsey. When police arrived at her house, all they found were cold cinnamon rolls. There was not a trace of Kelsey at all.

That is when Kelsey was officially declared a missing person. Her family quickly created a Facebook page to help locate her, called Missing Mother – Kelsey Berreth.

Facebook; pictured above is Kelsey, her cousin JoDee, her mother and aunt

At this time, multiple press conferences started happening in order to gain publicity about Kelsey’s case and mysterious disappearance. Police started telling the media that Kelsey was last seen wearing a grey sweater, white shirt, white shoes, blue pants, and she was carrying her brown purse with her.

In one of the early press conferences, her mom said, “I’d just like to talk to you a little bit about Kelsey. She’s not the kind that runs off. This is completely out of character.”

Facebook; pictured above is Kelsey smiling for the camera

“She loves her family and friends, and she loves her job,” Cheryl-Lee went on to say. “She’s reliable, considerate and honest. … She doesn’t run off, and someone knows where she’s at.”

Kelsey’s family members spoke out and were doing everything in their power to try to find her. Someone who was noticeably missing from each of these conferences though was Patrick. When the media asked where he was, Miles De Young, the Woodlawn Park Police Chief, said: “That’s a question you would have to ask him.”

Patrick didn’t speak to any of the media outlets, and he wouldn’t return any phone calls. This is certainly pretty strange behavior for someone so close to Kelsey to not be involved in helping to find her.

Some thought he was overwhelmed with grief, others thought he was preoccupied with caring for Kaylee.

Some, though, began to expect the worst…that perhaps Patrick knew exactly where Kelsey was.

Over the course of her disappearance, new clues began to come out and with that, new theories in regards to what happened to Kelsey quickly developed as well.

Pictured above is a phone like the one Kelsey used to send the weird text to her employer

One of the strangest parts of this case is Doss Aviation, the company that Kelsey worked for, received a text message from her on November 25th. Although authorities have not yet revealed exactly what this text message says, we do have some information.

In the text message, Kelsey said that she would not be able to work the week after. As we know, this is also the day that she disappeared.

Daily Mail; pictured above is another picture of Kelsey’s house

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