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This Colorado Mom Was Murdered By Her Own Fiancé, Who Planned Her Death For 3 Months Before He Got His Mistress To Help Him Go Through With It

To make things even stranger, Kelsey’s cell phone pinged in Idaho on November 25th when authorities looked into her cell records.

Idaho was more than 700 away from where Kelsey allegedly vanished. Some began to wonder if Kelsey had flown away on a plane, all alone. She was a pilot, after all.

It wasn’t really a stretch to think that maybe that was the explanation behind everything.

Pictured above is the wing of a plane; much like the ones found on planes Kelsey would fly

However, this theory ultimately proved to not be a solid one. Kelsey did not own a plane. She had no friends that had lent her their plane.

Her family also insisted that Kelsey would never fly across the country without telling someone, even though she was quite an experienced pilot who made many trips.

Pictured above is the login page for Facebook, and it’s the site Kelsey’s family used to keep the public updated on key information about her, like the fact that she would not fly a plane somewhere without telling someone

Kelsey’s family took to Facebook to say that “she does not own a plane nor do we know of any local friends that she would borrow one from.

I don’t believe she has ever made a flight without filing a flight plan. We do realize that it is possible to rent a plane, but I believe someone would be missing it by now.”

After this theory about her disappearance was debunked, authorities set out to search Kelsey’s home thoroughly to see if they could find any concrete evidence about where she had gone to.

The strange thing about Kelsey’s home was that nothing was out of place. Police reported that her suitcases, her car, her makeup….all her belongings were all there. Like nothing was wrong. Like she had never even left her own home.

Pictured above is neatly organized makeup; much like what authorities found when they searched Kelsey’s home and found nothing out of place at all

This is when authorities began to expect the very worst.

All signs were pointing in a bad direction. Eventually, authorities turned their attention to Patrick Frazee, Kelsey’s ex.

He had not been at any of the news conferences and was essentially avoiding the media. He was acting strange. He was not helping to locate the mother of his child…someone he once loved very much.

Pictured above is some classified information, much like what Patrick shared with authorities.

Authorities decided it was time to question Patrick and find out what he knew. You don’t just quietly stand by in this kind of an investigation unless you have something to hide.

KDVR reports Patrick told authorities when he was questioned that “the last text he received from [Kelsey] was on November 25th.”

In addition, he shared that the last time he saw Kelsey was when they exchanged their daughter Kaylee, on Thanksgiving Day.

The more evidence that authorities found though, the more and more they began to believe that Patrick really did have something to do with Kelsey’s disappearance…

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