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New Jersey Mom Of 3 Murdered Her Toddler Son Because He Was Getting In The Way Of Her Affair

Axel had bruises all over his face, and he weirdly smelled like alcohol. They immediately suspected whatever had happened to this poor little boy was no accident.

EMTs on the scene later reported that Heather told them that she thought maybe Axel had eaten something poisonous that morning.

Heather then went on to tell them that she was the last one to feed Axel, and she had fed him at approximately 6 in the morning, which was about four hours prior to EMTs getting there.

Facebook; Heather, her husband, and Axel are pictured in the above family photo looking happy together

“Although no one had accused the defendant of any wrongdoing, she blurted out, ‘It’s not suspicious. I didn’t do anything wrong,’” Peter read from the police report aloud, in the courtroom.

So let’s get this straight. Police and EMTs show up, there’s a dead toddler on the lawn, and the mom is insisting she did nothing wrong. People who are innocent generally aren’t even thinking to defend themselves in a tragic situation like this.

Facebook; Heather, her husband, and Axel, are pictured in the above photo celebrating Axel’s birthday together

Witnesses at the scene were able to tell police that Heather literally was using meth the night prior to this whole scene going down.

So, the police obviously searched the scene for evidence of this, and it turns out the witnesses weren’t wrong about this mom of three being on drugs.

Police found residue and evidence inside Heather’s purse, in addition to inside another bag found at her home. It’s not clear how long she had been using or how she had gotten involved with drugs in the first place.

Heather then voluntarily told police that day that her boyfriend had spent the night at her family home. Yes, that’s right, her boyfriend.

Heather’s husband, Joseph Reynolds, was out of the state entirely on a business trip at the time Axel died. So, she invited her boyfriend for a sleepover.

Facebook; Heather sticks her tongue out in the photo above, making a silly face

Heather told police that even though her boyfriend had been at her home overnight and the morning of Axel’s death, she said he had left well before Axel had a problem and she had carried him out to the lawn.

Here’s exactly what happened to Axel, and what spelled his disgustingly tragic end.

Gerald Feigin, the Medical Examiner who looked into Axel’s cause of death, determined that there was absolutely foul play involved.

Facebook; Heather is pictured above along with her whole family, looking happy 

On June 7th, 2018, Gerald ruled that Axel’s death was a homicide. His exact cause of death? Asphyxia.

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