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Missing Mom Cassie Carli Sadly Found Dead, And Here’s What Her Loved Ones Have To Say About The Kind Of Person She Was

It was just this weekend that people were still hopeful about missing mom Cassie Carli being found alive in the Navarre Beach area of Florida, but sadly on Sunday evening, authorities confirmed that Cassie was found dead.

She was buried in a shallow grave inside of a barn in Alabama, and Cassie’s ex Marcus Spanevelo has a connection to that property.

Authorities have not said much more, only that Marcus is currently in custody and hasn’t said a word, except for “lawyer.”

After the sad news of Cassie’s death was announced in a press release, Cassie’s loved ones took to Facebook to share their favorite memories of her.

Here are some of the things that Cassie’s loved ones have to say about the kind of person she was, below.

Facebook; pictured above is Cassie

“I met Cassie around 2014 when she was married to Alex and saw her only occasionally the last few years. Last time we saw her she was happy to have us get to know Saylor, she loved that little girl more than anything and I hope Saylor will always know that.”

-Julie Wilson

“She is the the most resilient, fun, kind, and soulful person I will have ever known. She did her best to love the life she’d been given. She’d previously been challenged with not being able to conceive. Saylor was everything she’d wanted and her dreams come true. Serious challenges lay ahead for Saylor and I believe we as sisters (a few or more) could make a life-long commitment to helping her in whatever way we each may offer.”

-Lisa Ferry Fletcher

“I worked with Cassie at Perdido Key Oyster Bar, back in 2008/2009. I remember how much of a free spirit she was. She worked well under pressure. She always had a positive attitude. She was a kind, kind soul. If the system could have protected the mother and NOT just the child… the system failed her. For years I’ve read her Facebook posts for advice, a plea for help… why does our system let monsters like him be able to still see the person he’s taunting ?”

-Lucy Nguyen

“I knew Cassie since we were teenagers…I was a 17-year-old punk kid who got busted trying to steal from the gas station on Laredo, I ran out of the store scared to death and straight to her house on Presidio St., I cried all day thinking I was going to jail while she hid me in her room and made phone calls trying to find out if there was a way she could get me out of trouble… I got arrested later that night and never stole anything ever again. But she helped me out when I was in despair and got me mentally prepared to face the music of being arrested…and she never told anyone about me crying!!! God bless her soul!!”

-Kevin Mazzone

“I had the pleasure of being her neighbor in Destin when Saylor was a baby. Got to see some of Saylor’s first steps and first babbles. Cassie was always a wonderful and protective mother and friend. I’ve wanted so many times in the past week to call her to hear her voice and her infectious laugh.”

“For anyone that didn’t know, she did everything she could to protect Saylor and herself from Marcus. She was so kind-hearted and wanted her daughter to know her father.”

-Stephanie Morton

“I knew Cassie in high school. We were friendly, but I wouldn’t say we were really friends back then. We hung out in different crowds.”

“We became friends on Facebook a couple of years ago and seemed to share a lot of the same interests with respect to raising kids. We had a few conversations about kids and high school stuff, but mostly it was just commenting back and forth on different memes and pictures about kids.”

“I always knew Cassie to be a very nice person with an infectious smile. The love for her daughter radiated from all of her photos. I will miss seeing the photos and the little comments here and there.”

“I posted a picture of my son on the swing set on the day that Cassie disappeared. It was posted in the afternoon/early evening time frame. She liked the photo and made a comment. I will always remember this and like to think that it was a happy thought prior to this very sorrowful event.”

-Gary Shockley Jr.

“I had the good fortune of knowing Cassie through her beautiful sister Raeann. Raeann and I became friends shortly after I moved to the Perdido area, and when I didn’t know many people, the Carli home always felt like a warm and welcoming place to be! While I didn’t know Cassie well, I remember her as someone who was always full to the brim with love, light, and laughter. I don’t remember ever seeing her in a bad mood, and she was always kind.”

-Lauren Taylor

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