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New Jersey Mom Of 3 Murdered Her Toddler Son Because He Was Getting In The Way Of Her Affair

Heather Knecht Reynolds is a 41-year-old mom of three who lived a well-off suburban life in a part of New Jersey known as Gloucester Township.

She was married. She had a 17-month old toddler son named Axel Jayce Reynolds, and two other younger children (both are sons) who are still alive.

Heather seemed to have it all together, but now she’s being charged a year after her son Axel’s death…with his murder. 

Facebook; Heather is pictured above with her young son Axel Jayce, whom she is accused of murdering

Heather attended the University of Florida, where she studied Health Science. She then went on to study at the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in developmental psychology.

On her Facebook profile, Heather says she works as a Program Director and Therapist at Children’s Counseling Center. She holds a master’s degree in social work. 

Facebook; in the photo above, Axel pulls on his mom Heather’s hair, while she smiles for the camera

Heather has pretty much spent her life working with children and working in social work.

People who work with children and have their own usually love them and want no harm to come to them.

So what on earth went wrong for this social worker mom who is now sitting in jail, awaiting her trial, which very well could spell life in prison for her? reports that Peter Gallagher, the assistant prosecutor on the case, had the following to say about what happened to Axel:

“This is an absolutely brutal murder and a helpless victim.”

Facebook; mom of three Heather snaps a selfie while wearing a pink top in the photo above

On May 10th, 2018, neighbors called the police. Heather was outside on the lawn of her home on quiet Marcia Court screaming at the top of her lungs for help.

She was holding her toddler son Axel in her arms…

When first responders arrived on the scene, Axel was laying on the front lawn of the family’s home, and he was not conscious.

Facebook; in the photo above, Heather, her husband, and her three children smile for a family photo

They noted something strange about the little boy when they got there.

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