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What Really Happened To Carla Stefaniak, A Model Murdered While Celebrating Her Birthday In Costa Rica?

Carla was scheduled to fly home to Miami, Florida at 1 p.m. in the afternoon.

Although she checked into her flight, she never boarded the plane.

Instagram; pictured above is Carla playing in the water at the beach

In fact, Carla never even made it to the airport.

It was as if she had mysteriously vanished, and no one had any answers.

According to the Airbnb rental owner and the local security guards who were on the Airbnb grounds, Carla had gotten into an unknown vehicle at around 5:00 a.m. the morning she was scheduled to leave Costa Rica.

No one in her family bought this story. It wasn’t like her at all.

Carla would have contacted her family. She would have replied to all her unanswered text messages.

Instagram; pictured above is Carla on a boat

Her family had every reason to believe that Carla was kidnapped.

The Costa Rica News reported that the security guard at her villa said, Carla:

“Left the property at around 5 a.m., however, an Uber driver showed up at the property at 8:30 a.m. to pick her up, a guard shift change had taken place, and the new guard told the driver the woman had already left the property since that was the information he had received from his coworker.”

Instagram; pictured above Carla poses alongside a friend in a bathing suit at the beach

Carla’s brother, Carlos, decided to fly down to Costa Rica himself to search for his missing sister and get to the bottom of everything.

When he arrived at Carla’s Airbnb, he shook the hand of the security guard.

He listened to him tell the story of how Carla had willingly gotten into a random car at 5 a.m.

One of the main reasons Carla’s family didn’t believe this story is due to the fact that Carla’s credit card statements show no history of her ordering a car that day.

In addition, she had scheduled an Uber to take her to her 1 p.m. flight but – she never got in it. The last person that Carla had contact with told authorities that she was “very thirsty and wanted to leave her Airbnb to get water.”

Instagram; pictured above Carla smiles at the beach in a bright orange one piece, straw hat, and sunglasses

The person Carla was going to get water from was the security guard on the property. The guard’s name is Bismarck Espinosa Martinez.

Her family started to believe that he must have kidnapped and potentially hurt Carla when they started to look into things further.

Instagram; pictured above is Carla smiling on a beach in designer shades

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