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What Really Happened To Carla Stefaniak, A Model Murdered While Celebrating Her Birthday In Costa Rica?

While Carla could have gone with her, she decided to stay the extra day by herself.

Carla drove April to the Costa Rican airport so she could catch her flight back home.

Carla then returned their rental car at the airport and ordered an Uber to take her back to the Airbnb the two had been staying at together.

This same Uber driver that picked her up at the airport had taken Carla sightseeing and shopping the day before.

Instagram; pictured above Carla pauses to take a photo at their airport with her luggage before she boards her plane to Costa Rica

Carla went on a tour of the city before her Uber driver dropped her back off at her Airbnb around 4 or 5 p.m.

Throughout the day, Carla and April had been in touch with one another. They even spoke on the phone.

Instagram; pictured above is Carla with a glass of champagne lounging poolside near the ocean

The last April had heard from her, Carla said that it was raining really hard back in Costa Rica.

She also mentioned to her sister-in-law that the lights in the Airbnb house had completely gone out.

Suddenly though, all communication between the two women stopped.

The last text that April would receive from Carla would come around 8 p.m. the day she left her behind by herself in Costa Rica.

Carla mentioned “It’s pretty sketchy here,” in the last text she sent.

April made it a point to text Carla at midnight to wish her a happy birthday, despite not getting a reply to her previous text messages.

Instagram; pictured above is Carla smiling on a tropical beach in a black bathing suit

This is when April began to worry. Carla always texted her back. But what could she do if she wasn’t replying?

The next morning, April still had not heard anything from Carla.

Instagram; pictured above is Carla sitting on a beach in a bright orange bathing suit while the waves come up to her legs

However, she knew that Carla was coming home from Costa Rica that day so she figured she was busy trying to get to the airport and make her flight.

Soon though, April received a phone call from one of Carla’s friends.

Her friend told April that Carla “had not responded to any happy birthday texts or messages.”

Instagram; pictured above is Carla bundled up for the cold weather on one of her trips around the world

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