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Trick-Or-Treat Terror: Registered Offender Greeted Children At His Front Door Naked And Tried To Get Them To Come Inside For Candy

Provo, Utah. It’s unimaginable that someone would intentionally answer the door naked knowing there are young children trick-or-treating outside, but that’s just what 48-year-old Steven Kelley Little allegedly did last night.

Steven has been a registered offender since 2019 when he was caught looking between the door of a bathroom stall a year earlier in the Provo Recreation Center so he could spy on a 10-year-old little boy in there.

Steven wasn’t only looking; he was touching himself in the process. He pleaded guilty to that, and he went on the offender list.

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, this Halloween Steven decided to answer the door to children trick-or-treating in his neighborhood without any of his clothes on.

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He then tried to get the children on his doorstep to come inside his home with the promise of candy.

He did this to several children, 5 of which the police know about at this time. One of the little girls he did this to lives across the street from Steven, and after he opened the door naked, this little girl rushed home to tell her parents about what had happened.

The dad of this little girl walked across the street to Steven’s house to confront him, before calling the police.

After what happened on Halloween, Steven was arrested and charged with three counts of lewdness involving a child and five counts of lewdness.

Provo Police Department; pictured above is Steven in his mugshot snapped last night

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