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This Mom Of 3 Was Murdered At Church While Setting Up For Her Fitness Class

Terri Bevers was a 45-year-old mom of three children. Everyone called her Missy. She was married to Brandon Bevers.

She lived in Red Oak, Texas. She was a fitness instructor and loved what she did.  One morning while she was setting up for her fitness class at a church, her life was tragically ended.

It was April 18th, 2016, when Missy was getting ready for her class. Her class began around 5 in the morning at Midlothian’s Creekside Church of Christ, so she got to the church around 4:16 to get a head start.

Little did she know, somebody was already inside the church by the time she arrived. It was at 5 a.m. that Missy’s clients started calling 911.

They had walked into the church and found her lying on the floor. This mom of three was unresponsive. Missy had several puncture wounds to her head and chest. Sadly, Missy did not survive her injuries.

When the police started investigating Missy’s murder, they realized the church had surveillance videos. And Missy’s suspected murderer was seen on the video footage.

It was approximately 3:50 in the morning when Missy’s suspected murderer is first seen on the video footage. This person broke into the church using a screwdriver and the police found evidence of forced entry and broken glass. This person was also dressed in SWAT style police gear.

Although Missy’s actual murder was not caught on tape, the police had a clear view of the suspect. The suspect was wearing a vest that said police in bold letters on the front and back.

They had on shinguards, gloves, and a helmet. Was this person someone that Missy knew or was it a stranger to her?

Facebook – pictured above is Missy

Authorities are saying this person could be male or female.  They are around 5 foot 8; give or take 1.53 inches from that.

Authorities also not sure if the gear they were wearing was authentic and actually police gear or not. This was the major key they had into who the suspect could be.

The suspect was seen walking in the video footage with a very strange walk. Their feet turn out and away from their body, but it is more noticeable with the person’s right foot.

Here’s the issue with this. It’s now been years since Missy’s murder. Even though DNA was discovered at the scene, there wasn’t enough of it to test.

Police have said that although the suspect had a very specific walk in the video, three years later that might not be the case. This type of walk might indeed by the side effect of a permanent condition, or it could have been temporary…due to an injury…and the suspect might not even walk like that anymore.

Authorities have so far gotten over 2,000 tips on who Missy’s killer might be, but unfortunately, her case is still unsolved. Missy’s husband Brandon was on a fishing trip 600 miles away from her when she was murdered, so he is not a suspect in her case.

If you have any information on Missy’s case, you can anonymously call the Midlothian Police Department at 972-775-3333 or Crime Stoppers at 972-937-PAYS.

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