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She Went On A Date With A Famous Actor Who Gushed About How He Wished He Could Date Rihanna

Most people believe that dating a celebrity comes with lots of glamour, excitement, and intrigue. However, beneath the facade of flashing cameras and red carpets lies the reality that the figures society looks up to so much are really just humans.

TikToker Jessica Wong (@jessleewong92) went on a date with an unnamed famous actor, and it ended up being horrible. Just like everyone else, he had his fair share of flaws. Here’s what happened.

So, they went out to eat at a fancy place in Miami, and they were getting bombarded by fans the entire time.

Everyone at the restaurant knew who he was, so all eyes were trained toward them while they were trying to enjoy a night out. She felt a little uncomfortable about the lack of privacy, but nevertheless, they continued with their date.

They sat down at a table, ordered food, and chatted with each other. Somehow, the conversation took a turn, and he started complaining about how he hated when girls wore clothing from a specific fast fashion brand.

Meanwhile, Jessica was wearing that very same brand. She worked with the retail company as a social media influencer at the time, but she felt too embarrassed to bring that fact up. Then, they began discussing their family dynamics.

She was talking about her father and how she didn’t have a relationship with him when he chimed in to tell her that she needed to find a way to amend things with her father.

He added that sometimes, mothers don’t reveal the whole story, which can cause children to develop feelings of animosity toward their fathers that they don’t deserve.

Jessica’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe that he was defending her father, especially since he didn’t even know why she and her father were not on good terms.

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Jessica’s date was a little older than her, so he possessed a slightly condescending manner because he thought he was much wiser.

As he prattled on, she just kept nodding, smiling, and sipping her drink. Then, they got onto the topic of Rihanna.

He proceeded to gush about how much he loved the singer and how he wished he could date her. He also went into detail about her appearance and what he wanted to do to her.

Jessica knew she would not be seeing this man again. Her experience just goes to show that dating someone with status and fame is not all that it’s cracked up to be.


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