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Everything You Need To Know About Casey Anthony And The Death Of Her Daughter, Caylee Anthony

Casey didn’t even talk to her own mom after she left. 30 days went by and Cindy was able to get one of Casey’s friends to give her information on where she was, which in turn led to her finally being able to get a hold of her. 

Anthony Family Photo; Casey smiles at Caylee in the above photo while she sits her daughter up on her knees

Aside from Casey having kept Caylee from Cindy and George for a month, Casey also apparently stole money and a car from her parents too.

Anthony Family Photo; Casey and Caylee smile next to one another in the photo above

When Cindy finally talked to and saw Casey, Caylee was absolutely nowhere to be found…and Casey kept telling her mom several weird stories that simply didn’t explain her disappearance. 

So, Cindy called 911 and the real details began to quickly come out.

Casey was arrested on July 16th, 2008, shortly after Cindy’s 911 call. She was charged with child neglect, and authorities were able to prove that on the day Casey claimed Caylee first disappeared, she went out that evening to rent some videos to watch with her boyfriend.

Some concerned mom she was.

Anthony Family Photo; Caylee hugs her mom Casey in the black and white photo above

Over the course of the month Caylee was gone, it turns out Casey lived things up as a single mom without a child.

She spent a lot of nights out on the town at quite a few local bars with her friends. She stole checks from her own grandparents so she could afford to buy beer for herself.

It was no secret that Casey was quite a party animal and went out a lot of nights instead of staying home with Caylee

Casey also lied to the authorities, claiming she worked at a place she hadn’t worked at in a long time. It also turns out Casey made up her whole story about her babysitter stealing Caylee.

She never even had a babysitter for her daughter. She even gave officers a fake address for her fake babysitter!

To top it all off, Casey abandoned her car during the month Caylee had disappeared. Since she had left it illegally parked, her car had been impounded and police were able to locate and then search it.

They found what they described as the smell of death in the car’s trunk, along with maggots. When they tested Casey’s car, this is what came back.

There was evidence of human remains in the trunk of Casey’s car, along with traces of Chloroform and a hair that had been on Caylee’s head.

Casey was officially charged with capital murder on October 14th, 2008, even though there was still no sign of Caylee anywhere.

Anthony Family Photo; pictured above Caylee sits with her head in her hand

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