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Beer Spas Are The Latest Bubbly Wellness Trend, With People Bathing In Beer To Reap Skin Cleansing And Relaxation Benefits

The world of wellness, relaxation, and self-care is forever evolving. This summer, a unique trend is bubbling to the surface—beer spas. If conventional spa treatments aren’t your thing, try soaking in a bath filled with beer! At the same time, you could be sipping on a cold pint of your favorite brew.

Although beer spas are currently trending, they are not a new concept. Beer baths are actually an ancient tradition that has its roots in Eastern European culture, particularly in the Czech Republic.

For centuries, people have been bathing in beer to cleanse the skin, unleash toxins from the body, and relieve stress.

In fact, modern studies have shown that the ingredients found in beer really do enhance skin health, relax the muscles, and improve circulation.

According to a study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, the compounds in beer ingredients possess a number of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-carcinogenic effects.

“Beer consists of three components that are beneficial to the skin: malted cereal grains, yeast, and hops,” Dr. Cindy Jones, a biochemist at Colorado Aromatics, said. She added that yeast and malted grains contain B vitamins, which decrease hyperpigmentation while increasing skin elasticity and hydration.

Furthermore, hops are rich in xanthohumul and humulone. The first is an antioxidant that has been proven to prevent cancerous cell growth. The second is an anti-bacterial that has skin-healing properties.

Additionally, hop extracts may reduce stress, anxiety, and mild depression symptoms. In folk medicine, hops have a long history of being used as a sleep aid, which points to its relaxation qualities. According to Jones, hops can even increase collagen production and decrease wrinkles and inflammation.

Now that the wellness trend is blowing up, some businesses in the Czech Republic — where the whole idea of beer spas originated in the first place — are selling products containing hops extracts.

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The Pivní Lázne Spa Beerland in Prague cites the health benefits of their beer spa as stress reduction, skin rejuvenation, improved circulation, detoxification, and lessened joint and back pain.

Inside, visitors will take their place in a private beer spa suite with an oak hot tub filled nearly to the brim with hot beer. Behind the tub, there are two taps. A standard treatment is one hour long.

Recently, beer spas have even been opening elsewhere across the world, in places such as Iceland, Spain, and the United States.

In late 2023, BierBath opened near Baltimore, and in 2021, Denver saw the opening of Oakwell Beer Spa.

So, maybe you don’t have to go all the way to Europe to experience a soak in the frothy, brown liquid — although it would be a great excuse to go on a luxurious European vacation!

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