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This Toddler’s Intestines Burst & His Young Mom Got Charged With Manslaughter Because She Refused To Get Him Help

Victoria Toth is a 24-year-old young mom living in Orlando, Florida. She had a toddler son named Jayce Alexander Martin, who was 2 and a half years old.

The two of them lived with Victoria’s live-in boyfriend Jonathan Pursglove, who is 25 years old.

Jonathan was not the biological father of Jayce. His dad was named Robert Martin and he was Victoria’s ex. Jonathan acted as Victoria’s babysitter; watching Jayce for her while she was at work every day.

Orange County Jail

Victoria’s parents say that her son Jayce was her entire world. He was so important to her.

However, one day in July, that statement would change drastically.

Orlando should be a perfect place to raise a child; there’s Disneyland, warm weather, palm trees, plenty of parks for children to play at and even beautiful beaches too.

Families from all over the world come to vacation at this spot with their children.

Victoria frequently left her son Jayce with Jonathan while she was at work at Rainforest Cafe, or while she left their house to go run errands.

Jayce and Jonathan got along seemingly fine. There was no reason to believe there could be a problem.

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In fact, this seems like a dream situation: a young Mom’s boyfriend stepping up to help her out with child care so she can work to provide for her son.

Child care is expensive, after all, and it can be so hard to find someone credible that you feel comfortable leaving your child with on top of all that.

One day Victoria came home though and noticed something wasn’t right with Jayce. Now, police are calling what happened to this poor little guy a case of torture.

Victoria had told her friends on previous occasions that Jonathan was sometimes harsh when disciplining Jayce. When she tried to interject Jonathon would get violent with her.

Another friend recalls Jonathan saying that he had one son already from a previous relationship and he really did not need another child in his life. That’s certainly worrisome.

It turns out, Jonathan wasn’t really a perfect guy at all. He had a criminal history and a past full of violence. One of his ex-girlfriends said this in court documents about what he did to her:

“He has hit and punched me in my stomach. I also fell down stairs and woke up in the hospital.”


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