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This Toddler’s Intestines Burst & His Young Mom Got Charged With Manslaughter Because She Refused To Get Him Help

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Jonathan was arrested for using a firearm during a drug deal, and he has multiple accusations against him for domestic violence on top of that.

How could Victoria not have known these terrible things about the man she invited to come live with her and her young son?

It’s also upsetting Jonathan got violent with her, yet she still let him live there. She left him alone with her son.

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On July 15, Victoria thought Jayce seemed lethargic. Something was definitely off with him acting like this. This was not at all how he acted normally.

She described Jayce as a child who loved riding on his scooter, picking flowers outside, and taking his dog on an adventure.

Therefore, the lack of interest in doing any of that was out of the ordinary.

Family Attorney

Also, any 2-year-old toddler should be bouncing around with energy and eager to play and do things.

In the next two days, she noticed Jayce seemed to only be getting worse. He was very lethargic at this point and had no interest in doing anything at all.

Her family suggested that Victoria take Jayce to the hospital.

Even Jayce’s Dad told her to take him in to see a doctor. It made sense.

Instead, Victoria refused to take him to the emergency room.

She also did not bring him to his check up with his pediatrician. Jayce’s condition continued to get increasingly worse over the next few days.

Why would this Mom not take her child in to see a medical professional when something is clearly wrong and off with her child?

It’s heartbreaking and upsetting that Jayce suffered while his Mom watched and didn’t do anything to get him the help he so desperately needed.

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