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This Mom Of Two Young Children Was Murdered Brutally By Her Boyfriend, This Young Mom Posted A Disturbing Video Of Her Baby With A Knife & Now She’s Facing Charges

He had even been convicted for violence against a former girlfriend of his. He went so far as to punch one of his ex-girlfriends in the stomach, and she was pregnant at the time. In one of the court documents from one of these offenses, it mentioned that Joe had “the capacity to cause fatal harm”.

Facebook; pictured above is what Kerri posted on social media shortly before her death

Kerri even took to social media to post about what Joe had done to her after one day in July. She shared graphic photos of the damage he did to her, explaining that he caused nerve damage in her face and even broke one of her cheekbones.

Not long after she posted these photos on social media, she told police that she was afraid for her life. She told them she was terrified that he would actually kill her.

“She was posting pictures of her injured face on Facebook for all to see but you pressed your way back into her life,” BBC reports Judge Holt said in court. “It’s a deeply sad feature of this case.”

Facebook; Kerri poses in the above photo while wearing bright red lipstick

Kerri’s Mom Lesley said in a victim personal statement she read out loud in court:

“I can’t imagine the fear and pain that my daughter endured that night at the hands of that monster, the man who claimed to love her.”

She went on to describe Kerri as a “sociable, fun-loving girl with a heart of gold.”

She adored her two sons from a prior relationship.

This is what Joe did to this beautiful mom…

Facebook; Kerri snaps a selfie in the photo above

Joe beat Kerri to death in her own home. She sustained 19 injuries to her face.

Her face caved in. Both her eye sockets were fractured.

Joe strangled her and her nasal bone was punched through her face.

Twitter; pictured above is a news clipping on what happened to Kerri

She was still alive, but Joe left her to die and locked the door behind him. But not before he took a selfie with his face covered in Kerri’s blood.

Her skull was “like a mosaic” of fragmented bone, as told to the court.

Joe is serving a minimum sentence of 24 years in prison for what he did to Kerri.

Together with Kerri’s Mom, the Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News raised funds to help victims of domestic violence in Kerri’s memory.

Facebook; Kerri snaps another selfie in the photo above

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