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This Mom Horrifically Killed Her Daddy’s Girl Toddler In Her Play Pen, This Mom Murdered Both Of Her Children While Vacationing At A Luxury Resort

Moms are supposed to love and protect and care for their children. They’re supposed to be there to help them go and grow through life.

They’re supposed to be the support system for their children; the person that always pulls through for them.

This Mom murdered her young daughter and abused her two other young children and you won’t believe the horrific details that emerged about what she did.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, because the details of this story are absolutely tragic.

Facebook; pictured above is 28-year-old Maryland mom Faneshia Scott

This is Faneshia Scott. She’s a 28-year-old Mom from Maryland.

She is the Mom to her 16-month-old daughter Rhythm Fields.

She also has a 2-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl.

You won’t believe what this Mom did to her three young babies.

Facebook; pictured above is Faneshia holding one of her children

Candice Glass, the God Mother of Rhythm, said in court WUSA reports that she feared for the little girl’s safety.

She anonymously put a call into Child Protective Services. Candice says just days before Rhythm tragically died, she had a “split lip.”

This was not the only call CPS received about her mom, Faneshia.

Facebook; two of Faneshia’s adorable young children are pictured together in the above photo

“I wish I was there and could have done something, but I also needed proof,” Candice said about happened to her goddaughter.

An abuse hotline had received not one, but two calls against Faneshia in the month that poor little Rhythm died.

So, how did this little girl die if calls were placed to CPS?

Facebook; Faneshia is pictured in the above photo with all three of her young children

Mindy Goode, from D.C.’s Child and Family Services, said that a counselor was never sent to visit Faneshia’s kids in her home because “the reports did not rise to the level of an investigation.”

She was later charged, however, with beating her 4-year-old and 2-year-old children with a belt and murdering her 16-month-old.

The details of what Faneshia did will completely sicken you.

Facebook; Faneshia poses for the camera in the above photo

On March 21, 2017, Faneshia called 911. She reported to them that she had just found Rhythm in her playpen, not responding.

She asked for an ambulance to be sent to her home.

YouCaring; Faneshia’s youngest daughter is pictured in the photo above

It was not an accident what happened to this poor, sweet little girl.

When police arrived, little Rhythm lay on the floor while her neighbors attempted CPR to revive her.

Facebook; Faneshia smiles big in the above photo

It was later uncovered that she had been dead for three hours before police got there.

This poor little girl never stood a chance.

But, what the medical examiner discovered is going to make you sick.

Facebook; Faneshia strikes a pose for the camera in the above photo

The medical examiner discovered that Rhythm was tortured by her mom for three months before her mom killed her in cold blood.

Anthony Fields, Rhythm’s dad, told The Washington Post that she was  “really playful” and also said that “Everybody loved her.”

He went on to say, “She never cried that much. She was a ‘Daddy’s Girl.’ She would sit on my chest and she’d just laugh and play with my nose.”

He had separated from Faneshia a few months before she killed his little girl.

Here’s exactly what Rhythm’s mom did to her.

Facebook; Rhythm is pictured in the above photo wearing a striped bib

Faneshia brutally abused her daughter.

Rhythm suffered from injuries that “included 23 old and new rib fractures, contusions and abrasions of the head, neck, torso, and extremities, and subdural hemorrhage,” according to a statement from the U.S. attorney’s office.

“On Monday, January 29, 2018, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death to be multiple blunt force injuries and the manner to be Homicide,” said the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, a statement they released

That’s not all though…

Facebook; Faneshia is all smiles in the above photo

Faneshia had also given her daughter adult cough syrup. She was charged with murdering Rhythm and her other children are now living safely with their father.

This is Flor De Maria Pineda Canas.

She was a 37-year-old mom of two sons: 10-year-old Mauricio Jr, and 5-year-old Daniel.

She lived in Texas with her family, which included her 39-year-old husband Mauricio Canas.

Facebook; pictured above is Texas mom Flor De Maria Pineda Canas

She seemed to have it all, including a picture-perfect family.

Facebook; Flor smiles in the above photo with both of her young children and her husband

Friends and family of Flor, Mauricio, and their sons say that they were “so nice”.

They went on to add that Flor had “a servant’s heart.” She was gainfully employed. People spoke highly of her.

What happened that this mom would want to murder her sons and husband in cold blood?

Facebook; Flor is pictured above along with her husband while on vacation

Flor booked a room for her whole family to enjoy a one night stay. They picked the luxury resort San Luis Resort on the Gulf of Mexico.

On their website, the resort says it’s “the perfect Galveston hotel and resort experience with lavish accommodations, breathtaking Gulf views, and personalized service.”

Just 10 hours in, their luxury vacation ended in complete and utter tragedy.

Facebook; Flor smiles big with a bouquet of flowers in the photo above

Police rushed to San Luis Resort after they received calls of “faint moaning coming from inside” the family’s hotel room.

The door had been locked from the inside, and neighboring guests also reported they heard “pops” coming from the 8th-floor room.

This is what police found inside the family’s hotel room.

Facebook; Flor smiles and squeezes both of her sons to her in a big hug in the above photo

Flor’s husband and 5-year-old son were found dead inside the hotel room.

Flor and her 10-year-old son were rushed to UTMB Health John Sealy Hospital.

They later died from their wounds. What did Flor do to her family?

Facebook; Flor is pictured above in a red t-shirt while holding a cup of Starbucks

Flor apparently waited for everyone to get in bed and fall asleep. She then murdered her own family.

She fatally shot and killed her husband and two sons, before turning the gun on herself. Flor fired four shots from a 9mm handgun that she had gotten only a few weeks before murdering her family.

Why did Flor do this terrible thing to her sons and husband?

Facebook; Flor hugs her husband and smiles in the photo above

It turns out that Flor was struggling with depression. Her friends at church confirm that she openly talked about this.

“We were just in shock and I think a lot of us are still in denial,” said Leonia Olivares, Flor’s friend who runs Baytown church Iglesia Chriso Viene, to KHOU11 .

That’s not all though, there’s more to the story…

Facebook; Flor and her husband are pictured in the above photo together looking happy

Pedro Echegoyen, a childhood friend of Flor’s, told that she seemed ok when he last saw her, right before she committed suicide.

She didn’t seem unhappy to him and didn’t come across like she would do anything to harm her family or herself.

Pedro also revealed this detail…

Facebook; Flor’s husband and two sons are pictured in the above photo together

Pedro revealed that Flor had purchased the gun in the weeks leading up to what she did to her family.

Around that time she seemed withdrawn than she normally was, but she seemed to be getting better.

Flor had recently checked into a mental institution…

Facebook; pictured above is a news clipping of what Flor did to her family while on vacation

Pedro said that Flor said this about checking into the mental institution: “I’m coming here because I don’t want to hurt nobody and I don’t want to hurt myself.”

She did though. She ended up hurting her entire family, including her own children.

We write these stories because it’s important to bring awareness to situations like these and it’s important for the voices of the victims to be heard. If you want to keep reading additional stories like this, please see the other stories from Disclosure Daily below.

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