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This Mom Horrifically Killed Her Daddy’s Girl Toddler In Her Play Pen, This Mom Murdered Both Of Her Children While Vacationing At A Luxury Resort

Moms are supposed to love and protect and care for their children. They’re supposed to be there to help them go and grow through life.

They’re supposed to be the support system for their children; the person that always pulls through for them.

This Mom murdered her young daughter and abused her two other young children and you won’t believe the horrific details that emerged about what she did.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, because the details of this story are absolutely tragic.

Facebook; pictured above is 28-year-old Maryland mom Faneshia Scott

This is Faneshia Scott. She’s a 28-year-old Mom from Maryland.

She is the Mom to her 16-month-old daughter Rhythm Fields.

She also has a 2-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl.

You won’t believe what this Mom did to her three young babies.

Facebook; pictured above is Faneshia holding one of her children

Candice Glass, the God Mother of Rhythm, said in court WUSA reports that she feared for the little girl’s safety.

She anonymously put a call into Child Protective Services. Candice says just days before Rhythm tragically died, she had a “split lip.”

This was not the only call CPS received about her mom, Faneshia.

Facebook; two of Faneshia’s adorable young children are pictured together in the above photo

“I wish I was there and could have done something, but I also needed proof,” Candice said about happened to her goddaughter.

An abuse hotline had received not one, but two calls against Faneshia in the month that poor little Rhythm died.

So, how did this little girl die if calls were placed to CPS?

Facebook; Faneshia is pictured in the above photo with all three of her young children

Mindy Goode, from D.C.’s Child and Family Services, said that a counselor was never sent to visit Faneshia’s kids in her home because “the reports did not rise to the level of an investigation.”

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