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Sharon Tate: This Gorgeous Pregnant Actress Was Murdered By Charles Manson’s Family & Here’s What You Need To Know

Joanna recounted the turmoil following Sharon telling Roman she was pregnant and going to have the baby:

“Sharon told me the reason (Roman) went back to live in London was a protest (Sharon said,) ‘I told him that I’m expecting his child, he’s said that he doesn’t want to father a child, and protested.’ But Sharon told him, ‘You can’t do anything, it’s my child. I’m going to keep it.’ ”

A few months into her pregnancy, things were not improving between Sharon and Roman.

Twitter; Sharon rests her head on her hand in the above black and white photo 

Ed Sanders in his book said that Roman, “treated her like she was a piece of excess baggage.”

“He was even pointedly cruel to her in front of others at times, calling her ‘a dumb hag’ and criticizing her whenever she expressed an opinion.”

Twitter; Sharon is pictured above while starring in the movie The Fearless Vampire Killers

Despite all this, the couple decided they needed more space for their expanding family, so they moved to Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills. 

10050 Cielo Drive was the new address of their rental home.

Sharon and Roman’s old friends Candice Bergen and Terry Melcher had lived in the home right before them.

It was such a happy time in their Sharon’s life, and their new home was supposed to be filled with nothing but wonderful memories.

Sadly, the home on Cielo Drive would come to be a living nightmare for Sharon and Roman, and the address would go down in infamy.

Twitter; Sharon is pictured above while starring in the movie Valley of the Dolls

Shortly after moving into their home on Cielo Drive, Roman had to fly back to London to film a new movie. 

Roman was concerned about leaving Sharon behind in Beverly Hills and 8 and a half months pregnant, so he asked their friends Abigail Folger (yes, the heir to the Folger coffee fortune) and Wojciech Frykowski to come stay with her in their new home.

He left knowing she was in good hands, but that was the last time he would ever see Sharon alive.

Twitter; pictured above is a contact sheet from photographer Terry O’Neill with tons of photos of Sharon

The day Sharon died, she spoke to her family. She was in great spirits. She then went out for dinner at her most favorite restaurant called El Coyote.

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