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Meet The Connecticut Mom Of 5 Part 2

Michelle and Fotis were both found by police at an Avon hotel, where they were arrested. They are both being charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence. 

Fore Group; pictured above is a photo from Fore Group’s blog featuring Michelle and Fotis with some of the awards he won

Authorities are saying Fotis will definitely face more charges than the two currently filed against him.

Facebook; Michelle is pictured above with her daughter

Michelle has been released from jail on a bond of $500,000. She has to now wear a GPS tracking ankle bracelet.  

Fotis was unable to come up with the half a million dollars, so he’s just sitting in jail still.

Police also say they have a video of Fotis putting a FedEx package down into a storm drain.  Authorities believe this package contained a pair of 2017 license plates from Jennifer. 

As for Jennifer’s children? They are currently living in New York City with Jennifer’s mom, where she has hired security to keep them protected around the clock.

New Canaan Police Department; pictured above is Michelle’s mugshot

If you have any information related to Jennifer, please contact the New Canaan Police Tip Line at 203.594.3544. 

New Canaan Police Department; pictured above is Fotis’s mugshot

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