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Just Before She Graduated College She Was Strangled To Death In Her Apartment Over 30 Years Ago And Her Case Has Since Gone Cold

Athens, Georgia. In the spring of 1992, 22-year-old Jennifer Lynn Stone was just months away from graduating from the University of Georgia.

Jennifer was pursuing her degree in advertising, and given that she was incredibly creative, it was the perfect fit for her.

Jennifer was passionate about photography and design. She was part of the Kappa Delta sorority. She was bright, exuberant, and a joy for everyone to be around.

She lived all by herself, except for her two cats, in a tiny three room apartment that sat at 187 Hull Street.

She had moved to Hull Street 8 months prior to April of 1992, and it seemed like the perfect location since it was within walking distance to nearly everything.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation – pictured above is Jennifer Lynn Stone

On April 23rd, 1992, Jennifer had arranged to meet twice with a group of other students who attended the University of Georgia so that they could complete a group project together.

That day, a Thursday, Jennifer was supposed to meet with her group at noon and then again that evening at 6 p.m.

Jennifer not only missed her noon meeting; she missed her evening one too. Her group became concerned, and so they headed over to where Jennifer lived to see if she was alright.

It was 7 p.m. when they got there, and they began looking around the outside of Jennifer’s apartment since she was not answering the door.

Surprisingly, a door located on the side of Jennifer’s apartment was left open a crack, and the group of students was able to peer in to see a terrible sight.

Jennifer was lying there dead inside of her bedroom, and they rushed off to contact the authorities.

Her cause of death was later determined to be strangulation.

“A friend last saw her alive about midnight on April 23rd, and investigators feel Jennifer was killed during the early morning hours of that same date,” the Georgia Bureau of Investigation explained.

It’s now been over 30 long years, and Jennifer’s case has long since grown cold.

If you have any information on Jennifer’s case, please contact the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Region 11 Athens Office at 706.552.2309 or the Athens-Clarke County Police Department at 706.613.3330.

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