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Meet The Connecticut Mom Of 5 Who Authorities Think Was Killed By Her Estranged Husband & His Mistress Girlfriend

Jennifer also went on to say that Fotis displayed, “irrational, unsafe, bullying, threatening and controlling behavior. I am afraid for my safety and the physical safety and emotional well-being of our minor children.” 

New Canaan Police Department; pictured above is another photo the New Canaan Police Department used to help locate Jennifer after she disappeared

The weird thing is that Jennifer disappeared shortly before she was scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on the safety of her children. The hearing has obviously been rescheduled given that nobody can find her.

Facebook; pictured above are Fotis, Jennifer, and their 5 children before Jennifer filed for divorce

Jennifer’s family released a statement to the media saying, “We remain hopeful that Jennifer will be found soon, and we urge anyone with information, however seemingly insignificant, to call the New Canaan Police Tip Line at 203-594-3544.”

“Jennifer was last seen in New Canaan, the morning of Friday, May 24, 2019, operating a black 2017 Chevy Suburban. Jennifer is 50 years of age, very slender, 5’7”, with a soft voice, dark brown eyes, and shoulder-length brown hair.”

“Those who know Jennifer know her to be a devoted mother; an extremely thoughtful, reliable, and organized woman; and attest that she would never, ever, disappear when she is responsible for the lives of five loving and energetic children.”

“Jennifer is gentle, kind, intelligent, and funny, and above all, she prioritizes the health and happiness of her children.”

Facebook; pictured above is Fotis as he snaps a selfie

Fotis says that everything Jennifer said about him is false. He also says Jennifer is the unfit parent (interesting that she would get full custody if she really was the unfit parent there).

Fotis also went on to say Jennifer has mental health issues and has yelled at him before when they had people over to their house.

New Canaan Police Department; pictured above is a photo the New Canaan Police Department posted to help identify what Jennifer’s car looked like in case anyone saw it

Just after she disappeared, police were able to find her car….she was not inside of it though. Jennifer’s Suburban was found near Waveny Park. There’s a pretty sizeable pond located in the park, and investigators even searched that hoping to find signs of her.

The FBI Evidence Recovery Team even searched every inch of the woods located inside the park.

Police also looked for signs of Jennifer in Pound Ridge, New York, since her family has property there. Still, there was no sign of Jennifer.

Police then moved on to Fotis’s enormous 10,000 square foot mansion. Search warrants in hand, they showed up and searched the entire mansion. They also searched another home close by that Fotis had developed.

They even had dogs out to help hopefully catch her scent. Nothing. They handed out flyers with Jennifer’s photo on it. They took DNA evidence from Fotis.

Authorities were all over this, and yet they couldn’t find a single thing pointing to Jennifer’s location. Or what had really happened to her.

Twitter; pictured above is a news clipping from Jennifer’s case

And then, things took a dark turn. But it was a turn that gave police the evidence they needed to make an arrest.

In fact, it gave them enough evidence to make two arrests.

New Canaan Police Department; pictured above is another photo the police department shared of Jennifer

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