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Former Tennis Star Mom’s Children Were Both Murdered By This Shocking Person, This Abusive Young Mom Was Allowed To Visit Her Infant Daughter After What She Did Put Her On Life Support

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Facebook; pictured above is adorable little Dinah Paige Whited

This is Dinah Paige Whited. She was a precious little girl who didn’t even have a chance to make it to six months old.

This little girl’s life was cut far too short, in part due to her abusive young mom. What her mom did to her is so infuriating and inexcusable.

There are so many moms out there who so desperately want a child and can’t have one of their own, it’s truly tragic that Dinah was not born to a mom like that who would value her and love her. Dinah’s young mom is a complete monster and here’s why.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is the mugshot of Dinah’s mom, Jamie Cason Whited

This is Dinah’s mom. Her name is Jamie Cason Whited. She was young when she had her, and Dinah wasn’t her only child. They all lived together with Dinah’s biological father, Justin Whited, whom Jamie had been with since she was just a teenager.

Their home was located about an hour outside of Atlanta to the East in a town called Monroe. It was a really impoverished area with low-income families. A lot of old beat up houses lined their street, with overgrown, cramped yards. Dinah and her mom lived in an old, worn down yellow house.

Their neighbors had nothing bad to say about them; they appeared to be a happy young family, even if they didn’t have any money to their name.

GoFundMe; pictured above are several photos of adorable little Dinah, who was barely 6-months-old when something tragic happened to her

They say money can’t buy you happiness, and this young mom and her little family seemed to be the shining example of this saying. One of their neighbors specifically said she never witnessed the couple argue or fight at all in all the months she resided in the neighborhood.

Neighbors also said the two just seemed like all around good, young people. They saw them play with their older toddler outside. They roasted marshmallows around a fire pit. They seemed to be enjoying their life.

They certainly didn’t bother anyone around them. Jamie’s mom tells a much different, far darker story though and this is where things start to go really wrong…

Facebook; pictured above are Dinah’s parents Jamie and Justin

Jamie’s mom, Paige Cason-Barrett, says that after Dinah’s birth in February, this young mom started abusing substances. Particularly, drugs. Justin was abusing them too, and the couple mostly turned towards prescription pain killers.

Jamie’s mom says that she actually has a prior history with drug abuse and has done this before. Shockingly enough, Jamie had abused methamphetamine and was actually on probation for this reason.

Justin started getting abusive and aggressive; he even punched right through a wall in their home when he slammed Jamie up against it while she was pregnant with Dinah. Jamie hung a poster up over the hole to keep it covered up from visitors.

Justin also started getting increasingly controlling and wouldn’t let this young mom talk to anyone…

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