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Former Tennis Star Mom’s Children Were Both Murdered By This Shocking Person, This Abusive Young Mom Was Allowed To Visit Her Infant Daughter After What She Did Put Her On Life Support

Stephanie again had to file a motion against him. This time it was due to his failure to pay weekly child support, in addition to other expenses.

Twitter; in the photo above Harrison smiles and points to something

He was completely failing to help provide or take care of his own children in any way, shape, or form. Poor Stephanie, a Mom having to pick up all the pieces all by herself.

A court date was set for September 27 in order to address Michael’s failures once and for all. This court date, however, was one that would never solve anything…

Twitter; pictured above is Shelby in her yearbook photo

Harrison and Shelby both attended the school that Stephanie worked as a tennis coach. She always knew when the children were in school, even if they had been at Michael’s the night prior.

By 9:35 a.m. on a September morning, neither of Stephanie’s children had shown up for school.

Twitter; Shelby and Harrison are pictured above together wearing matching white outfits in their younger years

School officials tried to locate both of the children but, had no luck. At 10:35 a.m. Stephanie called the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, frantic because her children would never do something like this.

What happened to this Mom’s children? Why weren’t they answering her, and why were they nowhere to be found?

Twitter; Harrison is pictured above in his yearbook photo, smiling away for the camera

Authorities shared that they received a call from a “concerned mother, stating that she did not have any contact with her two children since late last night.”

Stephanie had not seen or heard from her children in hours. Any Mom would be distraught over this.

On top of Shelby and Harrison failing to answer the texts and calls from their Mom, they also did not answer the door to their father’s house when Stephanie knocked on it.

This is when she gave police the address of Michael’s home. Upon arriving, authorities made a shocking, gruesome, and truly heartbreaking discovery.

Indy Star; pictured above is a news clip showing Michael at left, Harrison in the middle, and Shelby at right

Inside of the rural home on County Road 900 East, authorities found Harrison and Shelby. Both were in their bedrooms and had been shot and killed by their father. Upon further investigation, they located Michael who had a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities revealed they have “no discovered a motive at this time.”

There was no history of Michael being violent or threatening to harm his own children. Authorities just can’t figure out right now why on earth he did such a disgusting thing.

Friends of Harrison and Shelby have created tributes for their lost friends one sharing “two amazing people got to meet Jesus today. Life is so precious. Nothing but love and prayers for the Hunn family.”

There is a GoFundMe set up for Stephanie that reads: “Our dear friend Stephanie Reece has suffered an unspeakable tragedy. She loved her children, Harrison, and Shelby Hunn, with all her heart. Stephanie was the most dedicated and loving mother and wanted the world for them. Stephanie is going to be faced with many expenses during the next several months. While we will never be able to bring her babies back, we would like to surround her with our love and support to help ease as much stress as possible.”

Facebook; pictured above students hug and release balloons in memory of Harrison and Shelby

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