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All The Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About The 90 Day Fiancé Cast Members

90 Day Fiancé is going to be back for another season, and 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days has gotten renewed too. 90 Day Fiancé follows around six different couples that are engaged and one person in a couple is from America while the other is from another country and in America on a K-1 visa.

If you haven’t already binge-watched every season, you need to get on that right away because this show is just reality TV gold!

The K-1 visa requires that the American and non-US Citizen who have applied must get married after their 90 days are up, or the person who is not from America has to return home to their country. Interestingly enough, pretty much all couples go through with the marriage on the show. To add to that, a lot of them are still together even after their time on TV ends! 

Instagram; Colt and Larissa smile together in the photo above

In fact, every single couple from season one is currently still married and together. Not surprisingly, 90 Day Fiancé has become one of the most popular shows on TLC’s network. It’s the perfect mix of excitement, romance, drama, fears, and tears.

It’s been such a success that TLC started some spin-off shows such as 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. We can’t get enough of this whole saga, and we bet you can’t either.

Instagram; Nicole and Azan smile together in the photo above

We have all the facts you possibly need to know about the cast members right here, and a lot of them are just not common knowledge. Let’s first take a look at how much the cast gets paid, because that seems to be a hot topic question for fans.

Let’s Talk About The Pay Day

Remember David Toborowsky from season 5?

Reality Blurb reported that Nikki Cooper, David’s best friend Chris Thieneman’s wife, posted on Facebook about how much the stars of 90 Day Fiancé get for filming every episode.

Nikki said that the cast gets about $1,000 per episode of the show. They also get an additionally $2,500 to film the tell-all episodes. Meanwhile, family and friends of the cast receive nothing to be on the show.

If you take a look at season 5, there were twelve total episodes filmed and one tell-all episode. This likely means the cast members received $14,500 for season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé.

Instagram; David Toborowsky and Annie are pictured above with a Water Buffalo while in Thailand

Taking into consideration that if you’re on a K-1 visa, you cannot work in America, it’s easy to assume that only the America citizens on the show are pulling in $14,500 a season….not their foreign fiancés. So, nobody is really getting rich quick off their 15 seconds of fame here.

There Was An Online Petition To Kick Someone Off The Show

Something else you might not know about the show is that there was a petition to kick one of the cast members off entirely! Remember Nicole Nafziger, the young mom from Florida who was engaged to Azan Tefou from Morocco? They both made an appearance on season four and their relationship was quite tumultuous.

The two of them were constantly fighting and having issues, and Nicole was even caught on camera doing some pretty mean things to her man.

Instagram; Nicole smiles in the above photo

A petition was filed on the website to remove Nicole from the show due to her violent behavior, where she displayed “pushes, shoves, attacks … and other forms of abuse” towards Azan. The creator of the petition sought to “help end this cycle of domestic abuse.” 

The petition got over 300 people to sign and support it, but Nicole still stayed on the show. I’m sure TLC found her drama too good to let go.

What’s more, Nicole and Azan are STILL together despite their pretty dysfunctional relationship.

Instagram; Nicole, Azan, and Nicole’s daughter May smile with one another in the above photo

TLC Does Perform Background Checks….

So, it turns out TLC does perform background checks on all the cast members before approving them to be on the show. That being said, they really overlook some key things!

Instagram; Jorge and Anfisa are pictured together in the above photo

…But That Doesn’t Seem To Help With The Criminal Activity Going On

TLC definitely has overlooked the criminal histories and prior offenses of some the the cast members. We’re guessing it’s because this just makes for better reality TV. Who has gotten in trouble with the law?

Angela Deem was caught driving her white Lexus under the influence and without a license. She was also going way over the speed limit when cops pulled her over. Danielle Jbali has also quite a record of multiple accounts of theft and forgery. She has also stolen a credit card in the past from a complete stranger.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima has been arrested on several occasions for domestic battery, and the best part is Colt was the one who called 911 on her. Not sure how she is still in the country after all of this, as you would think it would hurt your status when applying for citizenship but guess not.

Jorge Nava is currently in jail and he’s serving a two and a half year sentence for drug charges. Wonder if Anfisa will stick around for him to get out. Let’s also not forget that Paul Staehle was actually charged with arson. Geez, is this the cast for Orange Is The New Black?

Instagram; Larissa smiles in a gold dress in the photo above

These Two Cast Members Released Their Own Music Video

Nobody could ever forget Tarik Myers’ epic beachfront rap proposal to Hazel back in season 2. Tarik has his own YouTube channel and released several music videos. He’s really serious about his rap career and goes by the name Dirt Dayoh.

Well, Tarik teamed up with his fellow cast mate Ricky Reyes to make a music video. Ricky is actually the owner of a videography production company in Texas and he directed Tarik’s video. It’s called “God Bliss Woman” and you can find it on Tarik’s YouTube channel!

Instagram; pictured above are Tarik and Hazel

This Cast Member Was Married While On The Show

It’s come to light that some of the cast members were still married when they were on the show, and we’re not talking about being married to the people they were on the show with! Ricky Reyes was married to a woman we will just call Mrs. Reyes (her name has not been released online anywhere and she has deleted her social media and refused to be a part of this mess and we don’t blame her).

Poor Mrs. Reyes had NO idea Ricky was even on the show and it all came out, well, after his season aired. Ricky and Mrs. Reyes got married on January 13th, 2017. Fast forward to December of 2017, and Ricky was already trying to get on the show while he was still married!

In February of 2018, Ricky started filming 90 Day Fiancé, and his wife still had absolutely no idea what her husband was really up to. And they also had a child together. As if Ricky already wasn’t out there making enough messes already down in Columbia with pining after Melissa and then settling for Ximena. 

Yes, this is the same man who bought an engagement ring for one woman, had that not pan out, and decided to propose to his back up girl with the same ring. Just when you couldn’t be more disappointed in Ricky. Now we don’t feel bad that he traveled all the way to Columbia and Melissa just straight up ghosted him.

Anyway, the whole way you can even apply for a K-1 visa is if you aren’t already married so…how did Ricky even get on this show? Maybe TLC isn’t asking for copies of the paperwork you submitted!

These Two Threatened To Sue

Instagram; Ricky snaps a selfie while wearing a suit in the above photo

Ah, Ricky Reyes. The drama with him doesn’t end even though his season has. Since his time in the spotlight is over, it’s like he is cooking up more problems for himself to keep the talk about him going. Ricky has gotten mad at TLC, saying on social media that they used him for ratings and completely took advantage of him.

Sorry, but if you agree to go on reality TV, you have to assume you have zero control over how you are portrayed. That aside, Ricky has some skeletons in his closet so we don’t really think he was portrayed any way except realistically now that all this truth about him being married has come out. 

Instagram; Molly and Luis are pictured together in the above photo

Anyway, Ricky has also threatened to take legal action against TLC. Good luck with that one, buddy. It’s basically common knowledge that all the contracts you have to sign in order to be on reality TV pretty much takes away your right to go after the network for anything. Give it up Ricky. Give it up.

Another cast member who is upset with TLC and threatened to sue is Luis Mendez. He hopped on Instagram to say that TLC purposely tried to make him look bad and make fans dislike him.

Luis also said on social media that he was going to hire a lawyer in New York City to sue the network for him. Well, Luis and Ricky have yet to actually file any lawsuits. They’re probably all just mad their small seconds of fame are over and done with.

Instagram; Paul and Karine smile together in the above photo

This Weird Request Was Actually Completely Real

Fans have accused TLC of scripting certain parts of 90 Day Fiancé, but this weird request was actually completely real and not something the producers had anything to do with. In fact, the producers were just as shocked as fans were!

Instagram; Paul and Angela pose together in the above photo

Remember when Paul asked Karine to take a pregnancy test? Yeah, that was completely real folks. Not scripted in the least. He also asked her to take an STD test on camera and that was not scripted either. Oh, Paul.

Mind The Gap

Mind the gap….or gaps that is. Shockingly enough, there are some serious age gaps going on with 90 Day Fiancé cast members. The first one that really had fans reeling was 19-year-old Nikki and 58-year-old Mark Shoemaker back in season 3.

Mark was so wildly upset over how TLC portrayed him in the show that he went on to file a couple of lawsuits against the network, even though nothing ever came of them. 

Despite Mark and Nikki’s pretty much 40 year age gap, the two are reportedly still together. While some members of the show try to leverage their TV fame into social media fame, Mark and Nikki have gone silent. 

Instagram; Colt and Larissa smile in the photo above

The two are virtually impossible to find online or through social media channels. Nikki does have an account on Instagram, although she has not posted a thing on it since back in 2013. That’s a long time to be silent online.

Our next age gap shock is Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali from season 2. Danielle was 41-years-old when she met him and he was just 26-years-old. That’s an age gap of 15 years. The whole other situation that shocked fans there was Mohamed’s lack of affection towards his wife.

He refused to kiss her on their wedding day, citing religious reasons. We could understand that, but he never showed any kind of affection towards her throughout the whole duration of the show, which left fans wondering what was really up. The two have since divorced.

Instagram; Jonathan and Fernanda are pictured together above

Perhaps the age gap that has most shocked fans of 90 Day Fiancé is that between Jonathan and Fernanda from season 6. Jonathan was 32-years-old and Fernanda was 19-years-old while they were on the show.

Ok, not so scary, but what is scary is what people have come to realize about their time spent together prior to being on TV. The two have been together for over two years. 

Jonathan started dating Fernanda when she was just 17-years-old.

On the very first episode of the show, this is what Jonathan had to share about their surprising age gap.“She has a really short past so Fernanda jokes all the time that I robbed her of her youth,” Jonathan said.

“Yeah, I got to experience a lot in my younger days. I enjoyed that bachelor life, being alone. So Fernanda is a little more skeptical if I’m ready to leave that behind me. The biggest fear I have in these 90 days is that Fernanda would change her mind. That, if one day, she looked at me and she said, ‘You know what? You already lived your life, sorry like, I need to live mine.’”

Instagram; Fernanda and John and pictured together above

Well, we still are going to vote that this is the most disturbing age gap because Jonathan started dating Fernanda when she was underage and not even legal yet. Our moms would definitely not approve of that.

Instagram; pictured above Anfisa snaps a selfie

This Cast Member Tried To Get Another Cast Member’s Phone Number

TLC themselves revealed that this cast member tried to get another one’s phone number that he was interested in….and it was not his fiancé!

According to TLC’s very own Twitter account, Mohamed straight up asked producers if he could have Anfisa’s phone number.

Their Tweet below said, “Mohamed asked producers for Anfisa’s number after filming. ??#90DayFiance”.

Twitter; pictured above is a tweet from TLC’s Twitter account sharing details about what Mohamed asked producers for!

There Are Some Fake Names Floating Around

Instagram; Ashley snaps a selfie above

Alright, so the cast members of 90 Day Fiancé have some fake names floating around. Not all of them use fake names, but here is who we are sure does. Although, how does that really help keep your life private when you have already been on national TV?

Instagram; Chantel snaps a selfie in the above photo

Chantel Everett reportedly is using a fake name. Her real name is supposedly CeAir. This completely makes sense because both of her siblings have super unique names and Chantel seemed kind of basic next to them. Her brother is named River and her sister is named Winter. Chantel’s whole name is CeAir Chantel Wylie-Everett.

Another cast member who is not using their real name is Jorge Nava, Anfisa’s fiancé. His real first name is reportedly Andrew. Reportedly his last name is actually Garcia, not Nava.

A third member of the show who is also using a fake name is Pedro, Chantel’s (or should we say CeAir’s) fiancé. His real first name is reportedly Junior. He looks more like a Junior than a Pedro if you ask us!

This Cast Member Got Fired

Our next cast member took to social media to announce that he and his fiancée have been fired from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise by TLC. Sad, because we were looking forward to hopefully seeing them on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

Instagram; Jorge and Anfisa smile together in the photo above

Paul Staehle from season 2 shared on his Instagram page that, “Even though we were not selected to advance on the show, we are very excited for this huge next step in our life as a few family.”

He then hopped on Facebook to share the following, “Since we are not being filmed we will be live broadcasting Karine Staehle USA Travel. As well as all her first USA experiences. We will Live Broadcast from my private Instagram. We will also be broadcasting pregnancy updates. This is our way of saying thank you for your support.”

Our best guess is that Paul is not coming back because he really overshares on social media. He also posted the following while asking for people to donate money to him and Karine. People are speculating that if TLC didn’t let Paul and Karine go before this post, this was the post that helped fuel their final decision.

“We endured 2 miscarriages. First was very early on. Second one was documented on the TV show. The hospital gave us the fetus. It is still in the refrigerator until Karine can bury him in Tonantins graveyard. Would you like to see the fetus of proof of our pain?”

Paul went on to say, “[We’ve] been married a year. We finally have a healthy pregnancy. We do not care about filming anymore or publicity which is why all our accounts are private and we cancelled our recent filming schedule.

We just want to raise our child in peace at this point. Public negativity and people like [name redacted] blackmailing [then] posting revenge images and videos has us both on edge. Karine is about to come here for the holidays. Leave the negativity in the hate filled fan groups.”

That is definitely a lot to process. He recently took to Instagram to share the news of their son, Pierre, who was just born. He then deleted all his posts and claimed it violated an NDA he signed with TLC. Kind of a mess here.

Instagram; Karine is pictured above talking to her pediatrician

There’s Fundraising Going On

Instagram; Karine, Paul, their son Pierre, and Paul’s mom are pictured in the above photo

Here’s another fact you might be surprised by. A lot of the cast members have gone online to ask fans to donate money to them. Paul is one of those cast members.

Instagram; Paul and Jay are pictured together in the above photo

Other cast members that have taken to asking for donations are Annie and David. Although, they go about it in a cute way. They put themselves on a website called Cameo, where you can pay David and Annie a sum of money to make a customized video just for you.

Instagram; Paul and Jesse are pictured together in the above photo

“Hey guys, this is David with David and Annie, you’ve seen us on TV. If you want a little love advice, humor, a shoutout — let us know. Hit us up,” David says if you watch the intro video on their Cameo page.

These two aren’t the only ones on Cameo though. Danielle Jbali is on there, and Rachel and Jon Walters are on there too.

This Cast Member Has, In Fact, Not Been Faithful While Engaged

Admittedly, there was a whole lot of drama surrounding cast members Nicole and Azan throughout their whole season on 90 Day Fiancé. Towards the end of their season, we all got a look at what seemed to be the largest issue: Azan’s unfaithfulness while he was engaged to Nicole. 

Instagram; Nicole and her daughter May are pictured above together

Since this all came out, women from around the whole world have stepped up to say Azan has been out there cheating on Nicole. He’s been talking to other women while with Nicole and these women live in Russia, England, Spain, among other countries.

What’s more, audio recordings have surfaced online of Azan cheating. In the recordings, Azan can be heard saying things such as, “I miss your kiss” and “I want a kiss. The kiss was so good.” Nicole obviously confronted him about this and he began admitting to her that he was indeed unfaithful. 

Instagram; Elizabeth and Andrei are pictured above together

The two are due to appear on the most recent season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, so I’m sure we will be able to stay updated on their drama and find out if they are indeed still together because that still seems to be one big old question for fans.

Instagram; Loren and Alexei are pictured above in New York City

This Cast Member Posted A Photo Of Her Baby Online & Then Quit Social Media

Remember Aleksandra and Josh Strobel from season 1? The two met while Josh was over in Russia (Aleksandra’s home country) on a missionary trip. They fell in love, got engaged, applied for their K-1 visa, and moved back to Rexburg, Idaho.

The two announced they were pregnant, and when the baby came, they did what pretty much any parents would do. They posted photos of the baby online. Specifically, Aleksandra took to her Instagram account to post photos of baby Kaya.

Well, fans and internet users had a lot to say about their baby, because she didn’t really look like Aleksandra or Josh. She had much darker features, and fans called Aleksandra out for cheating. They also said that Josh was not the father.

Instagram; pictured above is Aleksandra, Josh, and their daughter

Initially, Aleksandra engaged fans online and fought back. She posted comments such as, “It’s your right to not believe” and “I feel bad for your spouses guys. If you cheated on them, it doesn’t mean others do.”

Twitter; pictured above a fan reacts to Aleksandra’s photo she posted of her daughter

Fans were quick to point out that Aleksandra’s daughter looked more like she was fathered by her dance instructor. Eventually, she got so upset that she deleted all photos of her daughter Kaya and quit social media. Since then, her Instagram hasn’t been updated at all. We can’t really blame her, because that’s a big thing to attack someone on. She’s not the only cast member who has been trolled on by internet users.

Instagram; pictured above is Aleksandra with her dance instructor

Other cast members of the show such as Loren, have also come under fire from internet trolls. People online have attached Loren for having a tick, and she later revealed that she was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. She had tried to keep it private and out of the public eye, but after being attacked felt she had to say something. It’s pretty crazy that people get so nuts about attacking the cast members!

We write these stories because it’s important to bring awareness to situations like these and it’s important for the voices of the victims to be heard. If you want to keep reading additional stories like this, please see the other stories from Disclosure Daily below.

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