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All The New Things You Need To Know About The Murder Of Rachael DelTondo

If that isn’t curious enough for you, it turns out that Rachel and Sheldon were romantically involved. Mr. Santicola even admits that Sheldon and Rachel were romantically involved for quite some time, but he maintains that Sheldon is innocent and had nothing to do with her death at all.

Facebook; pictured above Rachel poses for the camera in an off-the shoulder cream colored sweater

“He’s a good kid Sheldon was put in a difficult situation over the holidays drawn into this thing that probably should have been nipped in the bud in 2016,” Mr. Santicola said to Channel 11 about what happened between them.

Facebook; pictured above is Sheldon’s older brother, Rashawn, whom Rachel used to be romantically involved with as well at one point, sources say

“On occasion they were romantic,” Mr. Santicola mentioned about the two. “But they were not exclusive or anything.”

Rachel and Sheldon texted and called one another quite frequently. Mr. Santicola also revealed that Rachel told Sheldon that she was trying to expose the police corruption going on in their town and with her investigation.

“We find it far from a coincidence that she was murdered within days of having to testify,” Mr. Santicola added. Rachel was supposed to testify before her death about the corruption of the police department. She had retained an attorney.

Rachel also told Sheldon she was getting death threats, although she didn’t really go into too much detail on that. 

Rachel had hired an attorney and was supposed to testify in court about police corruption in her town before she was murdered

Mr. Santicola said to CBS News, “I think it’s fair to say that he (Sheldon) is a suspect.”

“But there is a cast of characters that all could be considered suspects … I would say her fiancé is a possible suspect.”

Facebook; Rachel wears a black dress and a smile in the above photo

So, let’s take a look at Rachel’s ex-fiancé and what happened there. Rachel was engaged to Frank Catroppa. Frank was quite a successful businessman, even being dubbed the Wolf of Aliquippa at one point.

Frank and Rachel dated for 8 years, but it was on again, off again before their engagement ended. When the police found Rachel and Sheldon together in her car at 2 a.m., she begged them not to tell her fiancé Frank.

Even though the police didn’t tell Frank that evening, he found out eventually. Rachel told him different details about that night, though. She said she and Sheldon met up at 10 p.m. and that they were in a well-lit local parking lot, instead off in the woods in a secluded spot.

Frank says that he was very much in love with Rachel at one point in their relationship. Before this all happened. He remembers her as kind and beautiful. 

After 5 years together, Frank proposed to Rachel in Paris. At that point, she had really been pushing for a ring and had given Frank several different deadlines to propose by.

He proposed to her with an enormous six-carat oval-shaped diamond ring. It was the stuff dreams were made of. Rachel was overjoyed, but her mom wasn’t sure if it was because Frank finally asked the question or if it was because of how big her new rock was.

Pictured above Rachel and Frank share a kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower after Frank proposed in Paris

Rachel immediately starting planning their wedding. She bought elaborate shoes worth $3,000. She picked out a $10,000 wedding dress. Rachel’s mom says Frank was trying to control all of the wedding planning, but he says Rachel’s family was getting far too controlling and involved.

This next part was the first thing that truly ended up ruining the relationship between the two before Sheldon had come along…

Rachel and Frank never made it to the altar, and even called off their engagement, mainly for one BIG reason

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