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After Bringing Her ‘Obviously Deceased’ Toddler To A Hospital, This Mom Was Charged Plus A Mom Who Just Watched As Her Toddler Was Beaten To Death In Front Of Her

Sierra was charged for permitting the abuse of a minor and is now serving 10 years in prison. She deserves worse than this if you ask me. This sentence is not long enough.

I still cannot believe a Mom could stand there and let someone abuse her child.

Fort Smith Police Department; pictured above is another one of Sierra’s mugshots and she’s going to be wearing this orange jumpsuit for a decade for what she did

As for Tyree, Sierra’s boyfriend, he was overheard saying “sorry” while police escorted him from the Fort Smith Police Department to the Sebastian County Detention Center. Yeah, well, sorry doesn’t even begin to cut it, Tyree. A baby girl is dead because of you.

He even had the audacity to plead not guilty to what he did to Kylah. He did admit though that he punched her multiple times. His trial is still ongoing and if he is convicted, he’s going to jail for life. My heart breaks for this poor baby girl.

Fort Smith Police Department; pictured above is Tyree’s mugshot and his trial is still going on to decide his fate

Next, meet the Mom that let her toddler daughter be beaten to death while she did nothing.

Butler County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is mom Rebecca Ashton Kinner’s mugshot

This is Rebecca Ashton Kinner. She’s a 23-year-old Mom of 2-year-old daughter Kinsley. They lived in Ohio together.

“I am beside myself,” Sheriff Richard Jones told WCPO.

“I have met some truly sick people in my career, people who have done terrible things and this, I can’t even begin to grasp. I am going to work closely with the Butler County prosecutor’s office to seek the highest punishment possible for the people who did this.”

That’s how bad this Mom treated her daughter. For a sheriff to comment that she is one of the sickest people he’s ever met means this is not going to end well.

You won’t believe what this Mom did to her poor toddler.

Facebook; pictured above adorable little Kinsley wears a pink dress and bunny ears

Butler County Sheriff’s Office went to Rebecca and Kinsley’s home after Rebecca made a 911 call saying her daughter was not breathing.

They brought her to Atrium Medical Center in Middletown where medical staff there noticed that Kinsley had bruising on her throat, chin, and head.

Twitter; pictured above Richard K. Jones, the Sheriff of Butler County promises on Twitter that he will do everything he can to get justice for Kinsley

Facebook; Kinsley is pictured above in the hospital after what was brutally done to her

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