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This Young Mom Murdered Her Kids In An Oven Before Videochatting It To Their Father, This Young Mom Intentionally Left Her Baby In A Hot Car To Die

“Bond at this point is going to be denied and you are all set for today.’’

Here’s exactly what Lovily did to Noah and how he tragically died.


According to police, Lovily took Noah to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, July 19.

It was 2:35 in the afternoon when she walked through the doors with him in her arms, and she was arrested just a few short hours after she arrived.

Robert Meredith, a Wyoming Detective, stated this in the probable cause affidavit:

“Upon arrival, Noah was clearly deceased and had been for some time.’’

“Johnson . . . admitted that Noah was under her care and no one else’s care for the last four days.

She showed up to the hospital with Noah, who had been dead for days.


The police were called by the hospital.

Lovily said that she asked a friend for a ride to the hospital, and her friend told police that she was acting normal.

She wasn’t rushed at all and put Noah in the car.

He was in a covered car seat so her friend could not tell that he was already dead.

She eventually told her friend Noah wasn’t breathing, and her friend told her she should really call an ambulance at that point because they would get Noah to the hospital faster.

She never disclosed to her friend that Noah already died days ago, and here is exactly what she did to her poor baby.


Lovily didn’t just kill Noah, she also abused this poor sweet little boy.

Kent County forensic pathologist Dr. Stephen Cohle said that Noah was clearly abused before he died.

He was not only dehydrated, but he was also malnourished. His Mom did not feed him.

Noah’s body was already in decomposition by the time Lovily felt like bringing him to the hospital.

How did Noah actually die?


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