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This Mom Horrifically Killed Her Daddy’s Girl Toddler In Her Play Pen, This Mom Murdered Both Of Her Children While Vacationing At A Luxury Resort

This is Flor De Maria Pineda Canas.

She was a 37-year-old mom of two sons: 10-year-old Mauricio Jr, and 5-year-old Daniel.

She lived in Texas with her family, which included her 39-year-old husband Mauricio Canas.

Facebook; pictured above is Texas mom Flor De Maria Pineda Canas

She seemed to have it all, including a picture-perfect family.

Facebook; Flor smiles in the above photo with both of her young children and her husband

Friends and family of Flor, Mauricio, and their sons say that they were “so nice”.

They went on to add that Flor had “a servant’s heart.” She was gainfully employed. People spoke highly of her.

What happened that this mom would want to murder her sons and husband in cold blood?

Facebook; Flor is pictured above along with her husband while on vacation

Flor booked a room for her whole family to enjoy a one night stay. They picked the luxury resort San Luis Resort on the Gulf of Mexico.

On their website, the resort says it’s “the perfect Galveston hotel and resort experience with lavish accommodations, breathtaking Gulf views, and personalized service.”

Just 10 hours in, their luxury vacation ended in complete and utter tragedy.

Facebook; Flor smiles big with a bouquet of flowers in the photo above

Police rushed to San Luis Resort after they received calls of “faint moaning coming from inside” the family’s hotel room.

The door had been locked from the inside, and neighboring guests also reported they heard “pops” coming from the 8th-floor room.

This is what police found inside the family’s hotel room.

Facebook; Flor smiles and squeezes both of her sons to her in a big hug in the above photo

Flor’s husband and 5-year-old son were found dead inside the hotel room.

Flor and her 10-year-old son were rushed to UTMB Health John Sealy Hospital.

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