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She’s Sharing Her Grandma’s Recipe For Strawberry Crumble Bars

The national strawberry season is said to run between the months of January and November, and you can savor the taste of summer with this fruity dessert.

TikToker Carman Wilken (@whatsmomcookin) is sharing her grandma’s recipe for strawberry crumble bars. They are incredibly easy to make.

The fresh strawberries sandwiched between a buttery base are dangerously delicious. You might just end up eating the entire pan. So, if you think you’ll be able to exercise enough self-control, keep reading to get into the recipe.

In a large bowl, mix three cups of flour with one and a half cups of sugar, a teaspoon of salt, the zest from a lemon, and one stick of very cold butter. Cut the butter into small cubes before adding it to the bowl.

Next, use a pastry cutter to mix everything up until the butter is about the size of peas. Then, add three slightly beaten eggs and combine them with a hand mixer. If you’re having a hard time getting the dough to firm up, use your hands instead!

Afterward, transfer two-thirds of the dough to a baking dish lined with parchment paper and press it down to make it even. Be sure to leave some space around the edges of the dish so you can easily lift the bars out once they are cooled.

Wash and slice up two pounds of strawberries, placing them in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of cornstarch, the juice from one lemon, and three-fourths of a cup of sugar.

Stir well, then spread it all over the dough. Sprinkle the remaining dough on top of the strawberries. Bake it in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 to 50 minutes or until the topping becomes slightly golden brown.

Carman claims that your house will smell heavenly while this bakes, and I don’t doubt it for a second! When it’s done, let it cool completely before cutting it into bars.

Tim UR – illustrative purposes only

And that’s all there is to it. Serve the strawberry crumble bars warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and enjoy! Some TikTok users shared their own versions of the bars in the comments section.

“Wonder if you could use canned strawberry pie filling and the whipped cream/powdered sugar and swirl together,” suggested one user.

“I made them and used cherry pie filling. And then I drizzled a confectionery sugar glaze on them. Very good,” commented another.

“My grandma made these with plums, and I loved them so, so much,” wrote a third.


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