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She Hasn’t Worked, Gotten Out Of Bed, Or Done Anything In Years, And Her Boyfriend Is Fed Up

A 32-year-old man is wondering what to do about his 31-year-old girlfriend who hasn’t gotten out of bed in years…and we do mean years.

She hasn’t gone to work. She hasn’t cleaned. She hasn’t done anything. Now, this is becoming more than he can deal with, and it’s easy to see why.

We’re kind of wondering how it’s been going on for so long, given that they have been together for 6 years. This man did say his girlfriend is kind, very intelligent, and overall a wonderful woman.

“She is incredibly patient, warm, and friendly – all admirable traits. However, she does absolutely nothing,” he explained.

“I mean nothing. She won’t get out of bed before 3 pm. No chance. She will lay in bed for 4-6 hours after waking up, doing nothing.”

“She’ll eventually get up to eat something, won’t clean up after herself, then most likely get back in bed. In addition to this, she refuses to work. She is very well educated and intelligent but refuses to do anything with her time,” he continued.

“This is a struggle for us financially, but she’s made it clear to me that she does not care at all, as I’ve asked her many times to get a job, even if it’s just part-time.”

He mentioned that he works more than 40 hours each week in order to pay for all their living expenses, their rent, and their debts. Meanwhile, his girlfriend literally lays in bed accomplishing nothing.

He is starting to get the impression that maybe her behavior has something to do with depression, and he’s attempted to talk to her about this several times.

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When he does bring it up, she gets incredibly defensive. He has also asked her to start to see someone and get help, but she flat out refuses.

“I’ve also tried to get her out of bed to go outside, which sometimes works, but I have to beg and plead and it’s stressful and weird,” he said.

“I have tried endlessly to help her, and to help her help herself, but she won’t change or make any effort to change her behavior or life.”

“I’m about ready to give up which breaks my heart, but I don’t know what else to do. This is so dysfunctional and honestly feels entirely unfair.”

What do you think he should do about all of this?

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