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Mom Brags About Purposely Infecting Halloween Candy For Trick-Or-Treating Kids & Her Reason Is Insane

You have to be a special kind of messed up to purposely infect Halloween candy for trick-or-treating kids. This mom was more than pleased with herself for tampering with Halloween treats, and she even went on Facebook to brag about her abhorrent actions.

In this mom’s absolutely insane Facebook post, she describes that her “beautiful son” has chickenpox. She goes on to say that she thinks she needs to “help others with natural immunity this Halloween.”

She doesn’t disclose what she actually did to the candy to infect it, but my skin crawls just thinking about what she could have possibly done.

She ends her post by saying she’s happy to mail the infected candy to anyone who wants some (excuse me, what?!) for $1 plus shipping to get to them.

I cannot believe disgusting people like this actually exist. Thank goodness authorities in Australia are looking into this.

Stay safe out there this Halloween, and remember to get rid of any candy your children get that is unwrapped, not in the original packaging, or appears to have been tampered with in any way, shape, or form.

Facebook; the page Light for Riley, started by a dad who lost his infant son to whooping cough, shared the above post

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