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This Mom’s 6-Month-Old Daughter Came Home From Daycare Covered In Bites & Bruises

23-year-old Anari Ormond is a young mom living in Newark, New Jersey.

Anari recently graduated from Howard University and works as a preschool teacher. She has a 6-month-old daughter named Zuri Camara.

Anari thought she had found a wonderful daycare facility to watch Zuri while she’s at work, but it turns out this place is the stuff a mom’s nightmares are made of.

Instagram; pictured above Anari and Zuri dress up as matching unicorns for Halloween this year

Anari enrolled Zuri at a daycare facility called J&A Nursery back in October, and everything was going fine until recently.

On Tuesday, November 12th, that would all change.

Anari got a text from the daycare owner saying she needed to call her.

Anari called the owner of the daycare right away, and she was told that Zuri had been bitten three times by another 2-year-old boy at the daycare.

Luckily, Anari works just 17 minutes away from the daycare, so she rushed right over there.

What she found would be absolutely horrifying, and way worse than what the daycare owner had told her on the phone.

The owner of the daycare then tried to tell Anari she fell down the stairs with Zuri after trying to go get her Neosporin for the bites.

Of course, nobody knows what really happened to Zuri, except Zuri and the daycare owner, but one thing is for sure: this baby’s bites and bruises are just horrific.


Instagram; Zuri’s injuries are documented in the above post

Taking to Instagram, Anari shared in a post the following:

I was very skeptical about posting this because I didn’t want everyone seeing my baby like this…. but Tuesday November 12th I got a text from Zuri’s daycare owner saying “Hey Anari call me on your lunch” so I call right away and was told my daughter was bit by a 2 year old boy 3 times in the stomach while left unattended….

I left work immediately and went there and when I got there I was stopped at the door with a completely different story.

Now she told me that she “went upstairs to get neosporin and fell down the stairs holding Zuri”😢 this is wtf my baby looked like. NO F*CKING BARELY 6 MONTH OLD BABY SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES.

Instagram; more of Zuri’s injuries are pictured in the above photo

Especially when I’m paying damn near $800 a month for you to take CARE of my daughter. I’ve been very calm and quiet thus far to allow the investigation to take its course but I literally can’t sleep or eat and probably won’t until my daughter receives justice in the form of charges, shutting the center down, ANYTHING.

Now I know with having patience comes people who take advantage of the time and don’t move urgently, as I’ve experienced previously with Newark police and City of Newark.

It always takes going to the furthest extent for you to be taken seriously. I’ve done the run around with phone calls and going office to office basically just told to “wait” while this woman is still currently operating her NON LICENSED business.

I am NOT myself rn and don’t want to speak to anyone unless it’s in an effort to shut the daycare down or quickly get charges pressed. The daycare (J&A Nursery) is located at 288 Eastern Pkwy Newark, NJ.

You can file complaints to Newark Police or the city’s Office of Code Enforcement. Also anyone can call and make a complaint at 877-NJABUSE

Instagram; the bite marks that Zuri got on her stomach are pictured above

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