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The FBI Is Offering A 100k Reward For Information That Helps Solve This Tragic College Cold Case

On Wednesday, August 26th, 2009, Heidi’s boyfriend David Metzler picked her up from the apartment she shared with 5 of her college friends, and the two drove in David’s 1992 blue Toyota Camera to Caldwell Fields Campground around 8 that evening. The two had met in church and started dating in college.

The campground is inside Jefferson National Forest, 15 miles from campus, and is a spectacular, yet secluded, place. There is virtually no cell service there.

David had brought along his guitar and thought it would be nice for him and Heidi to make a fire and hang out together.

They were excited to talk about Heidi’s plans to switch her major.

The inseparable couple was planning on just spending a bit of time there before being back home on the early side.

Virginia State Police; pictured above Heidi and her boyfriend David smile together

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