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Sunday Night, This Mom Met Up With Her Ex Before Sending Her Dad A Concerning Text, But Nobody Has Seen Her Since Then

Navarre Beach, Florida. It was this past Sunday night at around 7 in the evening when 37-year-old Cassie Carli pulled into the parking lot of Juana’s Pagodas & Sailors’ Grill, the oldest family-owned bar and restaurant in Navarre Beach.

Cassie was behind the wheel of her grey-colored Toyota Venza, ready to meet up with her ex, Marcus, so she could get her daughter named Saylor.

Unfortunately, nobody has seen Cassie since that night, and Saylor was also missing up until a few hours ago. Right around the time that Cassie picked up Saylor, she sent her dad a concerning text.

“Here’s what we know,” Sherry Jones, one of Cassie’s loved ones, wrote in a Facebook post. “Sunday, March 27th at approximately 7 pm Cassie Carli went to meet her ex Marcus Spanevelo to pick up her daughter Saylor.”

Facebook; pictured above is Cassie

“3 hours later Cassie’s father received a text message from Cassie’s phone stating she was having car trouble and her phone was about to die.”

“Marcus states Cassie “freaked out” and he dropped her off in the middle of nowhere in Destin. Cassie has not been seen or heard from since Sunday evening.”

Cassie’s car was later recovered right in the parking lot of Juana’s Pagodas & Sailors’ Grill, near the boat ramp. Cassie’s friends and family are hoping that anyone who was at the grill on Sunday evening might have seen Cassie or might have information related to her disappearance.

Facebook; pictured above Cassie smiles

9 hours ago, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office confirmed in a Facebook post that they safely found Cassie’s daughter Saylor, but Cassie is still missing, and those closest to her are seriously concerned for Cassie’s safety.

“Santa Rosa County Detectives have confirmed that 4-year-old Saylor is safe,”  the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office said. “We continue to search for Cassie Carli.”

Cassie’s loved ones are currently organizing search parties across the area of Navarre Beach in an effort to find her.

If you have any information related to Cassie’s case, please reach out to the Major Crimes Unit of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office at 850.983.1190.

Facebook; pictured above is Cassie with her daughter Saylor

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