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Meet The Dad That Murdered All 5 Of His Young Children Right After Coming Back From Disney World With Them

During her marriage to Timothy, Amber met her current husband. She started seeing him on the side.

Amber is now married to her second husband, whom she met while she was still married to Timothy

Timothy eventually figured out that Amber was cheating on him. After Amber put their kids to sleep for the night, she would sneak out of the house.

Twitter; pictured above is Amber in court, wearing a black dress

Amber would leave and head over to their neighbor’s house to be with their 19-year-old son, the divorce papers state. When Timothy found out what Amber was really up to in the evenings, he immediately moved out of their family home.

Amber was the one who ultimately decided to end their decade-long marriage. Interestingly enough, Timothy was the parent who ended up with physical custody of their 5 children.

Amber was a stay-at-home mom and didn’t have the money for a lawyer, so she and Timothy agreed to joint custody of their two girls and three boys, even though they lived with Timothy. 

Timothy had an amazing, high paying job. He had a car. Amber didn’t have these same things, so it seemed best for their children to live with him. “I did not want him to be a primary caregiver, but he was the better provider,” Amber addressed the jury in court. “I thought I was making the best decision I could as a mother.” Nobody can blame her for that.

Timothy moved out of their home, and Amber moved in with the neighbor she was seeing after their marriage fell apart

Amber moved in with her neighbor, and Timothy moved into a new house. Merah Gracie, Nahtahn, Gabriel, Abigail Elizabeth, and Elias came with him. His new neighbors say he was very nice when he moved into the neighborhood. He was friendly. He seemed like a good dad.

Then, he began to change. He stopped interacting with his neighbors. He stopped going outside. He became so introverted that one of his neighbors thought he and the children had moved out entirely. She never saw him or the children anymore.

Amber would meet Timothy and their 5 children every Saturday at the local Chick-fil-A and she would always get a ride to be able to be there

There was a local Chick-fil-A located right in Lexington. It was here that Amber would catch a ride from her friends and family every weekend when Saturday rolled around so that she could meet up with Timothy and their children. 

On August 28th, back in 2014, Amber called Timothy on his cellphone like she did every weekend so they could coordinate their meetup. Timothy picked up her call, but she heard her son Nahtahn crying uncontrollably in the background.

As any concerned mom would, she asked Nahtahn what the problem was. “Mom, I didn’t mean to,'” he sobbed to her. Timothy sounded livid. Amber heard him say, “You could have killed yourself son.”

Nahtahn was so upset he started to dry heave. Timothy then turned on Amber, saying she always defended their children. She still had no idea at this point what the heck was even going on, or why her son was crying. She tried to reply, and Timothy cursed her out and hung up the phone.

Amber didn’t know then of course, but this was the last time she would ever hear Nahtahn’s voice again. She tried calling back. She left voicemails. She didn’t hear from Timothy. Days went by after that call, and nobody heard anything from Timothy or any of the children.

On September 3rd, Amber called the police to report her children missing. It wasn’t unusual for her to not be able to get a hold of Timothy, but when Amber found out that their children had missed several days of school, that raised a red flag for her.

Amber went to the restaurant anyway with police officers to see if Timothy would show up with their children

Finally, Saturday rolled around. It was September 6, 2014. Amber decided to go to Chick-fil-A to see if Timothy would show up like he was supposed to, and police were there to watch and see what happened. Amber sat in a booth and waited. And waited. And waited. Timothy and their children never showed up to the restaurant.

Amber had already suspected something was terribly wrong, and now there was no doubt in her mind. When authorities went to speak to Timothy’s neighbors, they said he mentioned taking the children to live in another state. Sheriff Lewis McCarty promised Amber that he was going to find her children and bring them home.

Timothy told his neighbors that he was leaving the state and taking the children with him…

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