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Jenelle Evans Reveals She’s Afraid David Will Hurt Her & The Kids As She Files A Restraining Order

Jenelle’s divorce drama is clearly only just in the beginning stages, and things have taken a dangerous turn. Jenelle recently announced on social media that she is finally divorcing David, and now she filed a restraining order against him.

But it’s what she put in the restraining order that’s pretty scary.

After obtaining court documents on the restraining order Jenelle filed, E! News reported that Jenelle described 11 different instances of David verbally and physically abusing her.

Some of these instances include David locking Kaiser in a car that was running and going on a tirade and calling Jenelle a “piece of s–t.”

Jenelle alleges that David said to her, “You can die for all I care. You’re a piece of s–t. Biggest piece of s–t I’ve ever seen.”

Jenelle also said in the restraining order, “Given his actions,” she writes in the filing, “and knowing his temperament, I believe he was implying that he would kill himself if I do not come back to him… ”

“For all of these reasons, I’m afraid that David will harm me or my children, and that he will continue to threaten me using text messages, phone calls, or on the internet,” she finished.

At this point in time, these are of course just allegations against David, but they seem pretty plausible after the crazy 911 calls Jenelle made where she said David assaulted her and also broke down the front door of their home while Jenelle hid in the attic.

Let’s also not forget he did kill her French Bulldog nugget, so clearly he is capable of doing harm to living beings.

Instagram; Jenelle smiles in the above photo with Ensley, her daughter she shares with David

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