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Everything You Need To Know About Maleah Davis, Part 2

Evidence tampering was what police were able to charge Derion with at this point in time. Specifically, they said he had tampered with a corpse.

After police had found Derion’s car, they tested it and the results came back. There was evidence of human decomposition. To top this all off, police had also searched Derion’s apartment bathroom and found blood evidence they could prove was linked to Maleah.

Derion’s bond was set to the tune of a million dollars, but it was reduced later to $45,000. 

Instagram; Craig Davis, Maleah’s dad, shared this photo on social media when Maleah was in the hospital for her brain surgeries

Police revealed to the public that they sadly no longer thought Maleah was alive.

Shortly after they made this announcement, Quanell X went public saying that he was no longer going to be Brittany’s spokesperson, because he genuinely believed she was not telling the truth about her daughter’s disappearance.

Facebook; Maleah smiles while wearing a pink sweatshirt that says, “have big dreams”

People really did start to question if Brittany was even involved. There also was the question of was Derion abusing Maleah throughout their relationship?

Did Brittany know he was abusing her daughter if he really was doing that?

Brittany did an interview with Fox 4 News. “I feel like I’m in a nightmare. A really bad nightmare that I can’t come out of,” She cried.

“I just feel so broken. My heart feels so broken.” She also added that she “wanted to believe” Derion when asked if she thought he was truthful.

Then, Brittany’s interviewer asked her if she thought she tried to protect Maleah enough. Her answer was really quite strange.

Twitter; pictured above Derion leaves his apartment with a black garbage bag inside a laundry basket on the last day Maleah was seen alive

“I’m not sure, I was always home,” Brittany answered the question. It sounds like this mom really did know something bad was going on but she didn’t want to admit it or acknowledge that it was happening.

Weeks went by in a desperate attempt to find this beautiful little girl who frequently wore her hair in pigtails and whose favorite color was pink.

Finally, Maleah was found, 330 miles away from her home in Houston, Texas. 

Alongside a major highway in Arkansas, a road crew found a black garbage bag that smelled of decay and contained bones

Just outside Fulton, Arkansas, along Interstate 30, a road crew happened upon her.

At first, authorities were not positive this really was Maleah.

A blood-soaked black garbage bag containing a bunch of small and delicate bones was not how anyone imagined the hunt for Maleah would end.

Was this really Maleah, a precious little girl dumped so carelessly and thrown out like yesterday’s trash?

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