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Everything You Need To Know About Maleah Davis, Part 2

When they searched the car, they found a gas can and a laundry basket in the trunk. Ok, I don’t drive around with gas cans and laundry baskets in my trunk but perhaps that’s not so out of the ordinary.

Facebook; Maleah is pictured above having fun while at the beach

Literally, the day after police discovered Derion’s car, Brittany broke off her engagement to Derion. Speaking through her spokesperson, Quanell X, she said that she suspected Derion abused Maleah and that when she broke things off with him it quickly turned ugly.

“She told him she was giving back his ring and that she was not going to marry him,” Quanell X went on to say on Brittany’s behalf.

“I believe that caused him to snap in anger. There is reason to believe, based on what I know now, there’s issues of him possibly molesting young Maleah.”

Quanell X also revealed that Brittany had threatened to leave Derion in the past because she found some explicit photos on his phone that he had sent to another man.

He didn’t really go into more detail than that, but he did say this, and it’s pretty shocking. Derion was caught on a neighbor’s security camera carrying several bottles of bleach and a black garbage bag on the day Maleah reportedly was kidnapped.

So…it sounds like Brittany and Derion definitely had some relationship issues to work on…and she said she suspected Derion was abusing Maleah during their relationship. Derion also constantly changed his story to police about the day Maleah disappeared. 

Facebook; Maleah smiles in the above photo

Who is willing to bet Derion had something to do with everything that happened to this little girl?

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that police arrested Derion shortly after Brittany went public with breaking off their engagement, and here’s what they had on him.

Houston Police Department; pictured above is one of the photos police shared in order to help find Maleah after she went missing

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