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Everything You Need To Know About Casey Anthony Part 2

Police also discovered that on the day Caylee went missing, someone in the house had looked up the following on the family computer: Chloroform, internal bleeding, chest trauma, neck breaking, how to make chloroform, and foolproof suffocation. 

Casey had access to the family computer, and the police discovered that someone in the Anthony home had looked up some seriously dark terminology

Just under half a mile from Casey’s home on December 11th of 2008, Caylee was found by a meter reader.

Her tiny bones and skull were shoved inside a garbage bag in a heavily wooded area of the neighborhood. 

There was duct tape on Caylee’s mouth and a small heart sticker placed on top of that where her lips were. 

When Caylee’s remains were discovered in the woods, authorities discovered duct tape on her mouth and a small, red heart sticker placed on top of her lips, and authorities were able to trace that heart sticker back to the Anthony house 

It was 6 months that she had been missing, and now surely Cindy and George would have the answers they so desperately wanted.

Casey’s trial began on May 11th, 2011, and everyone was positive she was going to jail for life. The death penalty was also on the table.; Casey smiles in the black and white photo above

While Casey sat there, her defense team told so many stories to the court.

From Caylee accidentally drowning, to Casey being abused by her father, to the meter reader having planted Caylee where she was found, they came up with everything they could think of.

They tried their very best to create reasonable doubt among the jury. 

The prosecution told the court that they thought Casey had drugged Caylee with Chloroform and then put duct tape on her mouth, which caused her to suffocate.

The defense told the court Caylee had drowned in the family’s pool and Casey freaked out and disposed of her. 

Casey’s defense team argued that Caylee had drowned in the family pool and that Casey freaked out when she found her floating there

Finally, the jury reached their decision. They found Casey not guilty in the death of Caylee.

She was, however, found guilty of lying to police, and it was decided the time she had spent in prison leading up to her trial was enough of a sentence for those crimes.

Casey Anthony was about to be free after about 3 years behind bars.; Casey smiles in the above photo

Jeff Danziger never testified at Casey’s trial, but he did see her five times over the course of two years. 

He reported that Casey scored normally for a psychological test and showed absolutely no signs of mental illness. Jeff was genuinely surprised by his findings.

“You would expect that would provoke some measure of distress, whether someone genuinely did it, whether someone was falsely accused,” Jeff wrote in his notes.

“If my child was missing and I was in jail being accused of it, I probably wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t be cheerful and wouldn’t be able to read.”

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