Corinna Slusser: Cheerleader & Aspiring Makeup Artist Moves To New York City, Then Vanishes Into Thin Air After Getting Involved In Party Lifestyle

Corinna Slusser is a beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, small-town girl from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. It's a picturesque and safe town. Corinna lived there along with her brother and her mom, Sabina Tuorto. Sabina was a single mom who did her very best to give Corinna and her brother everything she could.  Instagram; Corinna smiles in the above photo She fondly remembers Corinna as a happy and well-adjusted child. Corinna was a cheerleader at her local high school. She also ran track. She was a star student. She had a ton of friends and was always interested in makeup and hair. Corinna dreamed...
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