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Teen Mom Gouges Her Own Eyes Out While High And Now She Is Trying Hard To Rebuild Her Life That Fell Apart

By the time she was 19-years-old, she wasn’t planning on going back to school at all.

One day, she smoked something that was laced.

One of her coworkers had given the substance to her at work.

She ended up quitting her job after this incident.

Kaylee just felt so betrayed by her coworker giving her the laced substance without even telling her.

Facebook; Kaylee poses with a friend for the above photo

Kaylee’s two-year relationship with her boyfriend began to completely fall apart at that time too.

Since moving out of her Mom’s house, she was technically homeless by this point in time.

She slept at the houses of different friends of hers.

Facebook; Kaylee and her Mom smile together in the photo above

She always had somewhere to go despite being homeless by definition.

She wasn’t really on the streets. At least, she was not on the streets at night.

She started taking Xanax and had a breakdown when she and her boyfriend finally called it quits.

She would be later officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, following her February 2018 incident.

Kaylee eventually found a new job. She needed to in order to make money to support herself, as she was really on her own now.

Facebook; Kaylee beams alongside her sleeping dog in the above photo

Kaylee then started doing meth as soon as she got her new job.

Facebook; Kaylee poses next to her friends in the woods in the above photo

It wouldn’t last long for her. She lost that job because she missed work due to getting high.

Suddenly, Kaylee found herself an unemployed, heavy drug user.

Not surprisingly, she surrounded herself with the same kind of people.

She was everything she never wanted to be.

Pictured above a woman smokes a cigarette, something Kaylee did too at this point in her life

She was everything she tried so hard to avoid growing up. She was so different than how she used to be.

GoFundMe; Kaylee poses for the camera in the above photo in a pink top and sunglasses

Kaylee’s Mom picked up on her substance abuse and mental health issues, even though she wasn’t living at home anymore and she rarely saw her daughter.

Pictured above is a hospital, much like the one Kaylee’s mom wanted to commit her to

She tried to help her daughter. Kaylee refused to get treatment.

Pictured above is a courthouse, like the one Kaylee’s mom had to go to in order to get a court order

Kaylee’s Mom needed to get proof that Kaylee was a danger to herself in order to get her committed to a psychiatric facility.

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