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Here Are The The Net Worths Of The Teen Mom Stars, Because You Definitely Want To Know What Kind Of Dough They’re Bringing Home

Along with her mom, Farrah has launched a food company called Mom and Me, which sells Italian pepper sauce, mustard, wine, and marinated mushrooms.

Together with Sophia, Farrah created a Mommy and Me Spa Kit, which features everything a mom and her daughter could need to have an at-home spa day with one another.

Farrah has also opened a frozen yogurt shop called Froco, and on some of her final episodes, we got to see the drama behind getting this shop open and ready.

Instagram; Farrah and Sophia are pictured above at the beach celebrating Sophia’s birthday

Farrah also has launched a clothing boutique called Sophia Laurent, which she named after her daughter Sophia. Her boutique carries clothing and toys for children up to 12 years of age. She also admitted she was going to let Sophia run the store and make all the decisions, which doesn’t seem like the most solid business plan.

“[Sophia] will be in charge of hiring, firing, picking the best products and clothing to order for the store,” Farrah said to Radar Online when the store opened up. “Sophia said she may bring her dog Blue in with her while she works.”

Instagram; Farrah and Sophia are pictured above getting ready to kickbox together

Right next door to Sophia Laurent, Farrah opened up a home furnishings store she has named Furnished by Farrah.

Well, since Farrah has opened up all these companies, not all of them have ended up being successes. Froco has since gone out of business, as has Furnished by Farrah and Sophia Laurent. Not really surprised.

Farrah has also mentioned that she is now in the process of writing books on business and putting together entrepreneur master classes. We will see how that all pans out!

Despite not being quite a success on the entrepreneur front and being kicked off the show, Farrah still is worth quite a bit of cash.

Farrah’s net worth is about $3 million dollars.

Instagram; Bristol is pictured above with her ex-husband, wearing quite an interesting shirt

After Farrah was kicked off Teen Mom, MTV quickly found replacements for her. Two, to be exact. Bristol Palin, Republican Sarah Palin’s daughter, was one of the new moms to join the cast of the show and it’s been quite a ride in the one season we have had her on board.

Bristol kind of shot to fame when her mom Sarah Palin, Alaska’s former governor, ran for Vice President back in 2008 and she got a LOT of media attention because she was quite a pregnant teen while her mom was campaigning. 

Bristol was 17 at the time she was thrust into the spotlight while preparing for a baby, and she has gone on to admit on Teen Mom that it was a lot for her to try to handle and deal with at such a young age. We definitely don’t envy her.

Instagram; Bristol wears bright red pants in the above photo

While Sarah Palin herself is worth a whopping $12 million dollars, Bristol is worth quite a lot less than her political parent.

Since being put into the national spotlight so abruptly, Bristol has spent her time raising her son Tripp and being an advocate for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. She also has made appearances on several different TV shows.

Bristol has starred in Secret Life of the American Teenager and Dancing with the Stars. She even earned her own show on Lifetime called Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, which only lasted a season and got only 1.8 out of 10 on IMDb. She also recently started to get into real estate and selling homes.

Right now, Bristol is reportedly making $250,000 off her first season of Teen Mom. If she does go through with another season of the show, she will be making $300,000 by next season. Not bad at all.

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