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When She Was Just 14, She Secretly Dated Her Teacher And Now That He’s Engaged, She’s Considering Telling His Fiancée

A young woman shockingly revealed she secretly dated her 34-year-old teacher when she was just 14-years-old. Oh boy, right? Well, now he’s engaged to someone his own age, and she really wants to tell this woman what he did.

“This whole situation is a pretty gray area for me and only now as an adult (26 female) am I starting to see my high school experience for what it really was, through the eyes of someone who is grown,” she started out by saying.

“When I started out as a freshman in my very very small high school (around 60 people altogether), at 14, one of my teachers started paying extra attention to me.”

This teacher was 34-years-old at the time, and her classmates constantly talked about how hot he looked. Everyone in her school just adored him and thought he could do no wrong. She began going to extra help with him, and she would eat her lunch in his classroom.

“We became close and I developed a huge crush on him. One day I mentioned I didn’t have a ride home from cheerleading practice and he offered to come back and pick me up,” she continued.

“When he picked me up, he offered to take me to get food and that led to him kissing me for the first time.”

It hardly ended there…

“We had a full-blown relationship, he would wait in his truck after school and I would sneak and leave with him, he would take me to the city and we would go out to fancy dinners…”

She spent pretty much every single day at his house after she got out of school, and she was there every single weekend too. He ended up making sure he made it to every game she cheered in, and this went on for 3 years.

Ulia Koltyrina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

“…When he’d [make me mad] and we’d get into a fight I’d flirt with boys in class while he was teaching and get him angry, etc. and we completely got away with the whole thing,” she explained.

Then, in her junior year, her dad went to a parent-teacher meeting with this teacher, and he thought the teacher gave her an odd look.

Her dad asked her if he treating her in a “creepy” way, and she denied it. Her dad insisted that if anything inappropriate was going on she should confide in him.

“And at that point, I felt like I must be doing something extremely wrong and I didn’t want to disappoint my dad,” she admitted.

After this all happened, she broke things off with her teacher and refused to see him or speak with him. Her teacher begged her and begged her to change her mind, but she remained resolute in her decision.

She never spoke to him for the remainder of high school, and then she left and moved away for college. Not too long ago, she moved back home to the town she had grown up in and gone to school in…and she ran into her old teacher. He had his fiancée with him, and she was very clearly around his own age.

“He introduced me as one of his “best students” and I felt weird the whole time,” she said.

“I’m strongly considering whether or not I should tell his fiancée he pursued a 14-year-old student. I know for a fact he didn’t do that to anyone else while we were involved, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t tried to do it since.”

“I asked my cousin who is in high school if she thought he was creepy, and she was completely shocked I’d even think that and was like “Mr. ___? No! He’s the best teacher we have”.”

“I’m confused morally not just about what I did as a teenager, but whether or not someone who is marrying him needs to know about it.”

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