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She Called 911 To Order Pizza And A Fast Thinking Dispatcher Realized She Was Trying To Alert Police To Save Her Mom

Oregon, Ohio. Tim Teneyck, a 911 dispatcher in Oregon, Ohio, got a really strange call for help one evening. Tim had been working in the department for 14 years when he got one phone call he will never forget.

“I would like to order a pizza,” the woman said on the other end of the line after Tim picked up the call she made. She then began giving Tim her address over the phone. At first, Tim was quite confused and we can’t blame him.

I know 911 dispatchers sometimes get bizarre requests for bandaids and crazy things, but a pizza had to take the cake. Tim can be heard on the 911 call, which has since become public, at first saying to the woman that this is not the correct number to order a pizza.

She replied back to him saying he doesn’t understand.

And then it all clicked for Tim, and people are calling this man a hero for how he reacted next.

Tim quickly realized this was a shocking call for help. A lot of support groups for domestic violence victims will tell them to call 911 and say they are ordering Chinese food or pizza so that their abusive partner doesn’t become aware of who they are actually calling.

Not surprisingly, if a victim’s abusive partner is tipped off to the fact that they’re calling to get the police involved, it could put their life in jeopardy.

Although Tim didn’t know that domestic violence support groups frequently tell their victims to make calls like this, he knew the woman on the other end of the phone was in trouble and didn’t want to tip someone off to it.

Tim quickly alerted police officers to get over to this woman’s home, but without their sirens on so that whoever was in the home and posing a threat to the caller wouldn’t know they were arriving.

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As police officers arrived at the home, they discovered that the caller’s 57-year-old mom had been thrown into a wall and punched by her boyfriend, Simon Ray Lopez.

Officers arrested him immediately before he could hurt anyone else, and they found out from the caller that she had come home to find her mom beat up and bruised.

This daughter and the dispatcher Tim are definitely the reason this woman is ok today.

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